dkM’s 800th Post!

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800 Posts Yet I Still Miss Writing with One of These
800 Posts, Yet I Still Miss Writing with One of These

I was going to write a post about hair loss and rosemary oil, but when I realized it was the 800th post for dkMommy Spot, I knew that just wouldn’t do.  So instead I decided to write about nothing.  Or something in the form of nothing, something being that this is the 800th post and should be marked accordingly.  Probably not marked with a remedy to naturally remove Super Glue from the kitchen counter (anyone know, by the way?  I can’t seem to get rid of it.)  And probably not an article on why organic carrots are far superior to their pesticidal counterparts, which in fact they are.  It just didn’t seem appropriate to go about the usual blogging business without saying at least something.  Something which in the end is probably nothing, nothing much except perhaps a “hooray”.   Because when I started blogging, I’d sit before the screen and stare.  And stare.  And wait for inspiration to strike from above, which it often did not and I’d write something that truly was nothing, and it’s still there on the blog for anyone to see (which is rather embarrassing.  I wonder if there’s an herb for that?)  But eventually it grew easier and no longer took me an hour and 15 minutes to complete the first draft.  Which is a good thing, because 800 posts multiplied by 1 hour and 15 minutes equals a very large number.  (1,000 hours, or 41.66 days, to be exact, of constant staring at the screen waiting for inspiration to strike from above.)  I said all that to say this:

This is dkM’s 800th post.  I’ve not yet learned to be pithy.

5 thoughts on “dkM’s 800th Post!

  1. Hurrah!! 800 posts, all of which were superb! Some pithy, some not!! Love your writing!! I always read every post you write. Even if it is on some pretty strange subject. Thank you for being such a great person! Love ya!! Oh, and compliments to your parents. They raised a real winner!!
    .-= Michael Sipe´s last blog ..Christmas Shopping the Easy Way. =-.

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