Down to Earth with a Cool Organic Penguin

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When you need a cool organic toy that’s as cuddly as it is cute, Down to Earth has the goods! This sweet organic cotton penguin is the perfect snuggly fit for any child’s awaiting arms.  My son has his own organic penguin, and the look on his face when it arrived was priceless.  It made this mama grin from ear to ear!  I feel really good about handing him toys made of organic cotton.  You see, I’m an outgasser.  I know, that sounds like some scary medical condition – but in actuality, it just means that when something new comes into our home, if it smells bad, it goes outside until it calms down.  Many products we all purchase on a day-to-day basis contain things like formaldehyde.  Cloth items are often processed with sprays or chemicals to make them look “fresh” for consumers.  But when you purchase an organic cotton item, it arrives smelling like – well, like cotton!  Clean, good fabric.

So when my son got his darling little penguin, there was no wonders about what it was made of.  Down to Earth Toys is not only one of dkMommy Spot’s sponsors – it’s someone I trust to supply us with good clean, healthy toys made in USA.  (Not everyone gets to advertise here – they have to be eco-friendly and quality driven.) This little penguin is certainly no exception.  He’s all dressed up and waiting to come home; and let’s face it – since penguins are sort of egg shaped, he squeaks through the Easter theme, doesn’t he?  Just look at that darling tye-died hat.  I’d say it’s very Easter-eggish.  And he’s organic.  What better way is there for a penguin to be?  Simply perfect for hugging!

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