Dream Baby CD – Heavenly Harp Music for Little Angels

dream babyIt was Monday afternoon, and I’d been having a Monday like nobody’s business.  My son was too.  I was busy, he was testy, and it felt like a week had passed in a day.  I checked my mail before heading on a long trek of errands and found a Dream Baby CD.  “Oh, thank you!” I told Mr. Mailbox. (People think he’s a square, but really he’s just a big softie.)

Lullaby music it may be, but it went right in the car CD player.  It was a very soothing trip to the grocery store as we glided through traffic.  I think I even smiled at a person driving while using a cell phone.  And my son?  Quiet, content, humming.  True story.

Merry Miller is the harpist and creator of this truly unique and calming CD.  Dream Baby is filled with soothing harp music which actually lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol while raising levels of melatonin.  It’s also great for anyone suffering from anxiety, both young and old.  The song list includes children’s tunes like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Puff the Magic Dragon, and my favorite, Itsy Bitsy Spider.  (We sang this one in the car–it’s a special song I sing with my son.)  In addition to the harp music is lovely subtle ambiance like crickets, raindrops, or laughing children.

If you’ve got a little one at home who just won’t doze off, I’ve got an extra Dream Baby CD for one of you ($12.00 retail).  With so much summer activity and longer daylight hours, this is just the thing to wind events down at the end of the day.  

3 Ways to Enter:

1.) Leave a comment after visiting www.babymusictogo.com. Tell me which song you liked. Yes, you can hear song samples and even download one for free! (Winners are chosen at random, but if the first winner selected does not claim the prize, the second winner is chosen based on comment originality. So have fun with your comment!)

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Do all three, and you’ve got three entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Monday, June 30, 2008, to enter. 

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74 thoughts on “Dream Baby CD – Heavenly Harp Music for Little Angels

  1. My two favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider; Jesus Loves Me; Away in a Manager; many thanks and Happy 4th to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I enjoyed Puff the Magic Dragon. Surprised it had waves and natural sounds as well. I really enjoy that addition to the harp music. Great CD. I don’t have kids, but will for sure get one for my nephews.

  3. I really enjoyed Puff the Magic Dragon. I am always looking for new music for my youngest to listen to at bedtime.

  4. There is evidently a great deal to know about this. I believe you made some good picks in the layout of your Dream Baby CD – Heavenly Harp Music for Little Angels « also.

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