Earth Day Activities for Children

It’s Earth Day once again, and if you frequent dkMommy Spot, chances are you like to recycle, eat organic vegetables, and living on the fringe. So you’re probably wondering what you might do to celebrate Earth Day with your kids. This is a fun one for children, because there are so many hands-on activities you can do; and with the springtime weather in abundance, there’s no better time for taking the kids into the great outdoors to get to know their planet a little better.

: Alright, so cleaning out the garage doesn’t sound like such a great activity. But if you set up some boxes to help your kids sort through all those plastic bottles and piles of cardboard, they may just enjoy a trip to the recycling center to see what it’s like. And you’ll have an item to check off your spring cleaning list.

Plant Something Green
: Make an excursion out of visiting a greenhouse and pick out some plants or a tree to put in the ground back home. Let the kids pick out their own annual, like a marigold or petunia, or get a special tree. Trek back to the house and dig in some dirt, explaining how trees and plants add oxygen and clean the air. Kids will enjoy watching their plant or tree grow throughout the summer or beyond!

Head for the Woods
: Get a plant or herb guide and take your kids out for a hike. Help them identify plants and talk about the uses for those plants. But don’t pick anything unless you know it’s not illegal to do so! And never take more of a plant than you’ll use.

Clean out the Toy Box
Help your kids go through some of their old toys and choose the ones they don’t play with anymore. Take the toys to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army for a great way to recycle. Kids will feel good knowing another child will get to play with it too, possibly a child who would otherwise not be able to afford a brand new toy. Talk about other ways to recycle and reuse our old items, like clothes, etc. Make sure to take some of your own items too. Kids learn a lot by seeing you do what you’re asking of them.

7 thoughts on “Earth Day Activities for Children

  1. I promise I am not just plugging my site. But you have to check out my blog. I though of your blog when my 7 year old came home singing an “Earth Day” song. He was very proud of it. I was a little proud too. Love your blog.

  2. You plug away, Glory! I’ve actually been visiting your site for a long time and I keep you in my blog roll. I just went and read your latest post. Exactly how I feel too! (See, we make people curious so they have to go read for themselves. I bet they agree with what you wrote as well!)

  3. i am a student and our teacher gave us a project to figure out somthing that we can do on green day i thought of Hatching butterflys or somthing like that when the teacher thought of planting a garden for the school i thought it was a great idea but sadly i cant copy her so she said if we have to earn money we would do it the earthly way and i am so excited so any ideas plz i will take a look at the site every day so hopes u have a good idea Ty

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