Earth’s Best Baby Food Recall

I recently came across a recall on the FDA website for Earth’s Best baby food. I never heard about it on the news, never saw signs up in the store. Fortunately, no one reported their babies affected by the tainted baby food, but maybe this is the reason it never made it into the news. Nevertheless, the report states the tainted food could cause botulism – reason enough to make the news in my book!

People ask me all the time why I don’t just buy organic baby food and skip the trouble of making it myself. After the recent pet food scandals, I’ve been saying how this could easily happen in the baby food industry as well. I’ve been making food for my dogs for three years now, so we had no worries when the news of pet food recalls hit. Makes me glad I make baby food as well!

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more baby food and product recalls, and when I find them, I’ll be posting them here on The Mommy Spot. So sign in to subscribe for The Mommy Spot, and you’ll find out about future recalls as soon as I do.

Here are the links for the Earth’s Best baby food recall:

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