Eco Cupcake Stand Review & Giveaway

All Dressed Up and Ready for Cake

We all have that strange array of stuff in our kitchens – mounds of molded cake pans, plastic cookie cutters shaped like “only-once-a-year” pumpkins, foil cupcake holders with faded shamrocks on them.  Occasionally we may dig through it all, hoping to weed out the unused baking supplies.  “Throw it away?  Recycle?  Can I recycle a teflon coated Easter Bunny pan?”  Next time you purchase a new item for the kitchen, try getting something recyclable.  Don’t know where to go?  I’ve been testing an Eco Cupcake Stand from GreenPartyGoods, where all their items are planet friendly.

Cupcakes are all the rage these days – kids get their very own little cake, all decorated and all to themselves.  Even weddings offer up more elegantly decorated cupcakes.  Cupcake stands give the baker the ability to stack up and arrange the cakes like a pyramid of goodies, which is a far sight more festive than simply piling them on a plate.

GreenPartyGoods’ Eco Cupcake Stand comes unassembled, which makes for easy storage, since when assembled it’s a surprising 20 3/16″ tall!  (Add the cupcakes and you’ve got quite an impressive party centerpiece.)  The recyclable cardboard is sturdy and white, making for a good natural backdrop without being “cardboard tan”, and the decorating possibilities are endless on this one.  The stand has a double-sided polished wipeable surface.  I also found assembly to be rather straightforward.  The end result is a sturdy display for your cupcakes.  And if your cupcake baking days every become a thing of the past, you’ll have no problem answering the question, “Can I recycle it?”  But after seeing the results of this one, those days are a long time coming.

Want to win your own Square Eco Cupcake Stand ($28.95 retail)?  Enter here!

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