EcoSak Hybrid Jr. – Eco Friendly and Cozy Too

One of the most interesting parts of watching the world turn more eco friendly is seeing how innovative companies, in particular the independently run entrepreneurial types, are coming up with new and unique ways of recycling what was once designated as landfill fodder.  Such are the inspiring products from EcoSak, a company that produces bean bag-type chairs filled not with beans or little styrofoam beads, but recycled plastics.

EcoSak makes sizes for both adults and children, so I was curious about their kids’ Hybrid Jr. size, made specifically for the toddler set.  Our Hybrid Jr. is a delicious chocolate brown organic cotton covered cushion that quickly became the centerpiece of my son’s bedroom.  For a 3 1/2-year-old, the chair offers lots of room for him and a few toys to snuggle.  In fact, two toddlers could comfortably take up roost for hours of play.  While it’s not big enough for an adult to be fully seated too, I have often found myself draped across it anyway to join in on playtime with my son.

To save on shipping space and costs, the bag came with some assembly required, which was very simple.  We opened the inner bag and placed it on the floor, then put the compressed cube of foam in the center.  After releasing the cube from its packaging, we closed the bag (it has a safety zipper that keeps kids from reopening it), and we put it inside the organic cotton cover.  Within 24 hours the foam had “unpacked” itself and was ready to enjoy.

EcoSak offers several options – colors, shapes, etc. – and would be just as great an addition to teen rooms, rec rooms, even the reading corner of your own room.  What’s more, EcoSak is keeping our landfills free of something that easily offers up much more use.

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