Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags Discount

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Finally we’re seeing more and more people taking reusable shopping bags to the grocery store.  Up until recently, I had a couple of cheap ones from a local store with the store’s name and logo emblazoned across it.  While I loved having the bags to reuse, I didn’t like hauling them around in the trunk of my car where I’d forget to use them, and it annoyed me keeping them hanging on the coat rack.  My house is not decorated in bright blue and chartreuse, so it just wasn’t a good fit for the entryway.  Needless to say, the bulky bags are not exactly attractive even though I once saw a woman using the same reusable bag as a purse!  Egads.

Recently I received a couple of Envirosax from Green Girl’s Guide.  This little envelope showed up, lighter than air.  Inside were two tightly wound packets that opened up into the most darling reusable shopping bags.  BIG reusable shopping bags.  I immediately tossed one into my tiny purse where it easily fit.  (I rebel against big purses after hauling diaper bags around all that time.) The other day I took it shopping with me and proudly unfurled a Mikado design bag.  It fit all my groceries and held it all without stretching the seams.  In fact, it held more than I could!  So when I got home I immediately dropped the second bag into my purse as well.  These things are staying with me!  

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Note: I would highly recommend getting more than one bag so you’re able to haul your groceries easier by dispersing the load.  They really DO hold a lot, and you don’t want to carry a week’s worth of groceries in one bag, even if the bag handles it just fine.  If you’ve got a large family to shop for, you might consider the 5-pouch sets.

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  1. I have had my five pouch set of Envirosax for a couple of years now. I still get lots of oohs and aahas when I unfurl 5 full sized bags from one tiny pouch.

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