Epson Artisan 700 All-in-One Printer – Smart and Green

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I think we’re all in the same boat here.  If you frequent dkMommy Spot, then you’re probably a little bit granola and a little bit techie.  You most likely hold an organic apple in one hand and an electronic device in the other.  Like me, you’re intricately linked to the earth as well as that magical portal to the world called your computer.  Me, I telecommute for my job.  I blog about herbs and all that is natural.  I adore anything electronic.  How, then, as eco-conscious individuals, do we get these two worlds to merge?  I’m learning to choose my electronics more wisely, to take time to learn about Energy Star ratings and recyclability.  That’s where Epson comes into play, in particular the Epson Artisan 700 All-in-One Printer.

I’ve been running an Epson Artisan 700 through the paces lately.  Surprisingly, its energy consumption is 57% less per day than their Epson Stylus Photo Printer of just five years ago.  They’ve worked hard to eliminate many dangerous chemical substances that are commonly found in things like printers, i.e. lead, cadmium, and mercury to name a few.  And they’ve set standards to ensure all Epson products are at least 70% recyclable.  Even their ink cartridges are packaged with minimal waste, all in boxes of 100% recycled paper.

So now that we know the Epson Artisan 700 is a pretty eco-conscious little machine, what do I think of its performance?  Stunning.  The first thing I did after setup was to print out an 8 x 10 of the world’s cutest kid (my son, who else?) and no matter how close I held that photo to my nose, I could not detect a single pixelly dot or flaw.  Crystal clear.  Just as surprising was how fast that photo kicked out of the machine.  I have owned the same Epson ink jet printer for over 10 years, and although the print quality is still very impressive, it takes what seems an eternity to print a high-quality photo.  The sleek little Artisan 700 was done before I had a chance to decide how I’d spend my time waiting.  

When printing things such as the 200 business cards I whizzed through the unit, the process took mere seconds per sheet.  The quality is wonderful, clear print even on the tricky linen stock I insist on using.  I recently returned a batch of business cards to a big box office store because the quality was so poor.  I thought having them done “professionally” was the way to go, but those paled in comparison to what I did at home on my own at a fraction of the cost.

Epson provided me with a duplexer to make two-sided printing easy.  While the Artisan 700 has double-sided print capability, it requires manual paper flipping without the addition of the duplexer.  The duplexer is a small extra unit that attaches to the back of the printer and flips the paper around so I don’t have to.  In fact, the whole Artisan 700 is rather small in comparison to many other all-in-ones I checked out at the office supply stores.  It takes a comparatively small amount of real estate which is very important to me since my office is currently one-half the dining room table.  Add to that scanning and copying capabilities and I’ve saved myself the space and cost of a few extra units.  

Overall, I’m very happy with the performance, practicality, and even the eco-consciousness of the Epson Artisan 700 All-in-One Printer.  It has made a great addition to my daily work routine and I’m able to keep one foot planted on the green earth and one planted guilt-free on our technologically advancing world.  

Note:  The Epson Artisan 700 All-in-One Printer sells for $199.99 retail, and at the time of this article’s publishing, is selling on Epson’s site at a discounted $149.99 after instant rebate.

Epson Artisan 700 Update:  “LONG BEACH, Calif. – May 4, 2009 – Printing on an Epson printer from an Apple® iPhone or iPod Touch is now possible using the new EuroSmartz, Ltd. Print & Share app that lets users print photos, business documents, PDF files, Web pages, e-mail, and more.”

5 thoughts on “Epson Artisan 700 All-in-One Printer – Smart and Green

  1. I’m glad you pointed out this printer, Diane. We are in need of a new one, and I never where to start with all of this new technology. It’s good to know that there is one that is earth friendly and a good reliable product also.

    Jane Maries last blog post..Journal Winner

  2. I believe in epson technology, I am planning to buy one Artisan 700 but one comment says that if one color cartridge is empty you cannot print until it is replace. This gives me a doubt to buy it. Is this tru? At presently I am using CANON MP620 and its print is excellent and the wireless is also excellent.

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