Essential Oil of Oregano for Food Poisoning

One of the most powerful and versatile natural remedies we use around our house is oregano oil.  Its health benefits are numerous, and I’ll cover several over time.  Today I’ll tell you about one way I’ve personally experienced this essential oil’s power:  Ridding the body of food poisoning and stomach bugs.

Oregano oil is highly antiseptic.  In fact, it is probably the most powerful plant-derived antiseptic known.  This makes it a whiz at food poisoning and stomach bugs.  Several years ago I called in sick at work on my birthday.  Every boss’ suspicion, I know!  But I had a nasty stomach virus.  I couldn’t keep any food down, so there went my evening plans for a date with my husband to a nice restaurant.  By afternoon I was really miserable.  My husband called me from work and told me to try the oregano oil.  He’d been doing a lot of reading up on it and thought it might help.  I took 3 or 4 drops of oregano oil in a gel cap.  By the time he came home from work, I was up and around, feeling completely normal!  We went out to dinner where I actually had steak and dessert!  No problems.

We’ve experienced help from oregano oil many times in our family, every time with drastic results.  We never leave the country without it, as it’s staved off food poisoning, stomach bugs, intestinal issues, and numerous other health issues.  It’s certainly a wonder!

If you’re going to try oregano, my advice is to buy the best quality you can afford.  This doesn’t mean it has to be all fancy and specially cultivated, but you should know where the oil comes from.  As far as essential oils go, it does tend to be pricey but it’s absolutely worth having some around.  And since you need such a small amount (3 – 4 drops placed in an empty gel cap) one little bottle can last you a long time.  If you find you’re sensitive to it or it burns your stomach, try eating some bread or taking it with a meal.  I would suggest never taking it on an empty stomach unless you’ve been having a hard time keeping food down.  Some people put a few drops right in a glass of water, but it can give the mouth a burning sensation I’ve never particularly enjoyed.  Although if you’ve got a really sore throat, this will knock it out in no time if used as a gargle!

Keep a lookout for upcoming oregano oil posts.  There’s so much to say about this wonder oil!  It’s truly a medicine cabinet in a bottle.

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  1. Another great and extremely useful cure for what ails us! Thanks; I’ll remember this one.
    I certainly know where to search for info when lifes little ailments get us down. Before running to the drug counter and if it doesn’t warrant an office visit, I’m coming to see you!

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  2. You should be able to buy it at any health food store. Otherwise, google it, and you’ll get a bunch of online stores where you can buy it.

  3. I use this for allergies, arthritis pain and immune building. The best brand I’ve tried is the North American Herb Spice Company. I prefer the SUPER STRENGTH. I think they have a first time buyer discount. (or they used to) You can look for the company directly by google and compare their price to others, You will find cheaper prices with other brands but the ones I tried did not help me. BE PREPARED! This oil is difficult to tolerate for some people. When I first tried it, it made my eyes water because it kind of burns going down. It’s very strong and earthy tasting which normally for me is not a problem, but I couldn’t handle the burning taste. I went out and bought empty capsules and put the oil in them – a very tedious process. The “vitamin shoppe” is vitamin-herb store chain around the U.S. They also have a website if there isn’t one in your area( anyway they sell the N.American Herb brand. But here’s a tip. They buy bulk from N.American and sell it in capsules under their own label. So you have a choice there,I think they sell other brands too. One last tip: The oil is key. Don’t buy the capsules with the ground herb, the oil is so much more concentrated and works much better.

  4. Became a big fan until I found out it could be what elevated my blood pressure which I had never had a problem with. Any info on this.

  5. Hi Deb,

    I hadn’t heard of that side effect, so I checked with several of my manuals and I’m not finding it as a possible side effect yet. I’ll keep digging, though. The main side effects is a possible irritated stomach (if too much is ingested) and skin irritation. Also, kids under 6 shouldn’t use it and even then it should be very small amounts (like a single drop). Anyone using the oil should drink a lot of water with it, which is helpful.

    I’ll comment here again as soon as I find out more about oregano oil and blood pressure. Thanks for the question!

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