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Today is a special post from a new friend of mine, Marilyn Cutler. She tells her miraculous experience with doTERRA Essential Oils. I thank her for being so candid with us; it’s a story well worth reading.

I decided today to share how I got introduced to doTERRA essential oils.  I recently had a baby.

In February, to be exact.  A beautiful baby boy.

See?  He’s pretty durned cute.

I was nursing one day and noticed a lump in my right breast.  It was pretty large and at first I dismissed it as a clogged milk duct.  However, it didn’t hurt.  I knew once that realization kicked in that something was wrong but…I was in denial and just pushed that worry aside.  I called the DR and she scheduled me to come in to the office 3 hours later.  Um, she usually has a 6 week wait.  That’s when I knew for sure there was a concern.  That appointment was the first time the word cancer was thrown around and she scheduled me for an ultrasound 4 days later…the soonest possible appointment.

So for 4 days my husband and I did a LOT of research.  We knew that if there was blood flow to the tumor…then it was cancer.  If there was no blood flow…it was just a growth.  Finally the day arrived.  We went in.  They prepped me for the ultrasound and the tech sat on down.  She was very friendly and just chatted with me…until she saw the lump on the screen.  Then chatter stopped.  After a few minutes she excused herself to get the DR.  The Radiologist came in and quietly asked to see blood flow.  As soon as they said that…I knew something was terribly wrong.

The day before my 29th birthday I went in for a biopsy.  The radiologist mentioned that there was a possibility it could be something called Granulomatous Mastitis but that she had only seen it 3 times in her 25 years of practice.  I spent a quiet birthday at home with my family and the day after I got the news that it was in fact Granulomatous Mastitis.

So thankfully it wasn’t cancer but…this disease is nasty.  These growths appear and then get bigger and eventually explode.  They can actually explode through the skin.  And because it is so rare, there is no set treatment plan.  The most widely used treatment is immunosuppressant steroids…not good for a young mom.  They also have a very high reoccurrence rate.  There was no way I was going to do that.  The next option was lumpectomy…again, very high reoccurrence rate and not good for a young mom.  Some women elected for mastectomies to ensure that it would be gone completely.  Thank you but I don’t particularly want to cut off body parts unless 100% necessary.

So I called my friend who was involved with doTERRA and told her I would be her test case.  She brought me over some Frankincense.  I would rub it on topically and in 4 weeks the lump had shrunk by 50% and in 2 months in was 100% gone with no indication it had ever been there in the first place.  This was a complete miracle for me.  Women with this disease live in constant pain from surgeries, burst tumors, and sickness due to the immune suppressing therapies.  They have to watch what they do in case somehow the disease gets activated again.  Using these amazing oils…I have not had to worry about anything.  I live a totally normal life and am not afraid of it coming back at all.

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3 thoughts on “Essential Oils – Marilyn Cutler’s Story

  1. Wow. Amazing story. How did you pick the Frankincense oil? Is it particularly effective compared to other essential oils??

  2. Hello Leane!

    That is an excellent question! Every essential oil has its area of concentration. Certified PURE Frankincense (not just any off the shelf…it has to be pure) is analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-depressant, astringent, carminative (relieves gas), cicatrizant, cytophylatic (stimulating regeneration of cells), digestive, diuretic, expectorant, sedative, immune boosting tonic, and anti-carcinogistic. Basically…it was tailor made for what I needed.

    So we decided to use it for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s immune boosting abilities and it’s anti-carcinogistic benefits. Even though my tumor was benign…it was still growing and had blood-flow just like a malignant tumor. We needed to shrink it down. Frankincense has that ability. There have been a TON of scientific studies involving Frankincense and it’s ability to shrink cancer tumors. So in regards to getting rid of my growth…we knew we could trust the Frankincense and sure enough…it worked like gold!

    I also was able to take it internally…which you CANNOT do with any other Frankincense oil…which also helped alleviate the depression that was setting in due to baby blues and the whole roller coaster of emotions that I was dealing with. Did all of that make sense? I know that was a long answer. :)
    Marilyn Cutler´s last blog post ..Guest Post!

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