“Essential Stick” Essential Oil Roll-On Sale!

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PepStick1-300x178Still need a last-minute gift or stocking stuffer?  DkMommy Spot’s online store, The Giving Essence, is now having a sale on the Essential Sticks.  What’s an Essential Stick?  So glad you asked!  It’s a little glass vial filled with essential and sweet almond oils, complete with a handy roll-on for easy application.  The Peppermint Stick Headache and Stress Eraser is a great purse item.  Easily roll it on your temples to help alleviate headaches, stress, depression, even nausea.

Can’t sleep?  The Dream Stick features French Lavender Essential Oil to help you slumber.  Cold weather got you stuffy?  The Breathe Deep Essential Stick has eucalyptus, rosemary, and a touch of lavender and peppermint to help clear the sinuses. 

Order now and get them in time for Christmas!

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