Eureka! My Personal No ‘Poo Challenge Update

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Thou Mayest Have Tresses Like Unto Mine
Thou Mayest Have Tresses Like Unto Mine

So this is what happened:  We decided on a trip to the beach last week on a sweltering day.  Seems everyone else did too, because the beach was crowded and so was the water.  Imagine hundreds of people coated in non-biodegradable sunscreen filing in and out of the lake all day long. I didn’t notice it at first, but at the right angle you could see what looked like a mini Exxon Valdez oil spill floating on the surface of the water. I didn’t notice it until after I’d submerged my head in the goo.  When we realized we were all feeling a bit slippery for a dip in a freshwater lake, I knew my hair would need a serious scrubbing.  So when we got home I decided to try the baking soda scrub followed by a cider vinegar final rinse.

Oh my GOSH.

You know I don’t type in all caps, but…


Now I know what makes the whole “No ‘Poo” thing such a big deal.  What I assumed would turn my hair into a tangled dry mess, what I assumed would be an unpleasant gritty experience, actually turned out to be the best-kept natural beauty secret I’ve ever blabbed on the internet.  Yes, the baking soda scrub is gritty as all get out, and yes it feels a little weird initially, but it rinses out very well.  And if I just put the recommended tablespoon or two of cider vinegar in a mug of cold water, dump in on my head at the very end without rinsing it back out, I have the most amazing hair of my life.  No, I don’t smell like Thousand Island dressing, but the shine is about blinding.

I’ve been doing this treatment every day for about a week now and my hair improves by the day.  At first I lost some of the new curl I’d gained, but it has returned and in a much shinier version.  Still no tangles to contend with, no need for conditioners.  My hair has become softer with some natural highlights coming into play.  Cider vinegar does give you reddish highlights over the long term which actually works well for me, so I’m happy.  

I see now why some super models and famous hair stylists recommend no ‘poo.  I get it.  I really get it now.  I don’t know how the adjustment would have been if I’d started out with baking soda and vinegar rinses right from the start, but I have a feeling it would have made things a little easier.  People who have done this treatment much longer than I have say there’s still an adjustment period of one to three months, even longer sometimes.  But now I can say with confidence, and in all caps, IT’S WORTH IT!!!

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10 thoughts on “Eureka! My Personal No ‘Poo Challenge Update

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  2. Diane,
    I’m game to give it a try (my husband thinks I’m NUTS but isn’t going to stop me! :)) but here’s my logistical question: do you keep the baking soda in the shower? In a bowl? I imagine this horrible clump of baking soda that has absorbed all this moisture (since hubby will also be showering there…). And how much baking soda are we talking about?

    Thanks for the input (and inspiration)!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, guys!!! Coleen, I put my baking soda in a plastic container with a lid. (Yes, I still have the old Tupperware stuff hanging around! Better to use it than throw it in a landfill says I.) I keep the container on the edge of the tub with the lid on until I need it. I’ve been using about 1/8 – 1/4 a cup each time, I guess. A palmful. I use one hand to hold the baking soda, then with the fingers of my other hand I pick some up, rub it into the roots of my hair around my hairline, then I kind of work it into the rest of my scalp concentrating on the crown. I give it a good scrubbing around on the scalp then rinse well with water. It will rinse out very easily, and there won’t be any buildup in the shower. I gotta say that since going ‘pooless, my shower is much, much easier to clean. No soap residues! Now I can imagine that the residue on my shower was once also on my hair! After I rinse that out, I have a cup of about 2 Tbs. cider vinegar and cold water that I made up ahead of time. I slowly pour it over my head and work it in. With this small amount it doesn’t sting the eyes like when I used to use a ton!

    Good luck to you and please let me know how it works for you! And of course remember to have great patience in the beginning. It takes your hair time to adjust!

    Dianes last blog post..Eureka! My Personal No ‘Poo Challenge Update

  4. I am fascinated by your journey on the “No Poo Path” Loving all your discoveries and new choices 😀

  5. Do you have any pictures of the before and the now of your hair?

    This sounds very interesting–I have very short hair (coarse and graying), thick and natural curly (altho with it being short you don’t see the curl, just the stubborness).

  6. That is sad, isn’t it? But, we also don’t need sking cancer. (X Cancer Center, treatment employee) Hope they soon come up with a more natural, water proof version of sunscreen.

    Anyway…going to give it a go! We have been washing the dogs in vinagar for years because their shampoos, no matter what kind it was, would irratate their skin, cause hot spots, etc. So, I changed to vinagar and Baking soda every once and a while when they were really dirty.

    Their fur and skin was never better since doing it, so shiny and thick and they don’t smell like anything! So I am sure they like not smelling like perfume…LOL!

    So, why not do it for me too. Ok…off I go!

    I also use a coffee rinse for color too at times. Tea and other tinctures do the same. I will also use rose petals in the summer on my lips. Even the orange ones.

  7. Thanks for posting about your “experiment”. I was at the hairdresser’s the other day and just told this lady I met there about no poo. She is really excited to try it as I told her that ti think the hair that benefits from it the most is curly hair that tends to get frizzy (her type).

    I have pin straight hair that is naturally thick and shiny. It’s nice I guess, but there’s nothing I can do with it. It doesn’t style no matter how much product or what tools I use. It’s so heavy it just wants to hang down from my head. I’ll try to see if no poo does anything for my kind of hair.

    Thanks for the play by play.

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