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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about using natural beauty products – natural anything, for that matter – it’s that just because it’s healthy, just because it’s chemical free, doesn’t mean it will work.  And just because it works doesn’t mean it offers better results than their chemical laden mainstream counterparts.  Fortunately, I’ve learned something else:  Just because a company is small and doesn’t have a $6 million advertising budget with billboards all across the country doesn’t mean that company can’t make a better product than the big guys!  This is the case with Evan’s Garden Crowning Glory Shampoo Concentrates.  

I usually start a review process the same way every time.  I get the product, look it over, and say, “Oh, boy. I sure hope this stuff works.” Because if it doesn’t, I won’t review it.  So started this review.  I tried the Crowning Glory Shampoo for Normal Hair and knew I had a winner as soon as I’d finished rinsing my hair.  You know that thick, clean feeling many expensive shampoos give you?  It’s as if every hair on your head has a new life.  That was my experience.  I held my breath during blowdrying; no worries there either.  My hair was soft, shiny, and manageable.  High praise indeed – my hair doesn’t usually listen to me that well.

Evan’s Garden offers shampoos with a pure ingredient list.  The scents are herbal, and very little shampoo is required.  The first shampooing for me doesn’t suds at all, but I can get it through my hair with no problems.  I repeat my washes, and the second time through I get a nice lather worked up.  I’ve also noticed I don’t have to wash my hair the following day; my hair remains clean and still pretty manageable.

I’m happy to offer a giveaway from Evan’s Garden during our Breast Cancer Awareness Week.  Their product has proved to be pure and natural, something very important in a shampoo.  The scalp can really soak up whatever we put on it, so the fewer chemicals we use in our hair, the better!  Are you ready to give Crowning Glory Shampoo a try?  Evan’s Garden is giving away one Shampoo Trial Kit which includes three 1-ounce bottles of shampoo concentrate for natural, oily, and dry hair types.  

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  1. Deodorant Spray in Lavender sounds refreshing:)

  2. I like that they make small batches, seems like more care would be given to the product that way.

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