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Congrats to Ellen, the winner of the 5-tray Excalibur Dehydrator!  Gee, I’m jealous and I already have one…

You read it right!  Excalibur is giving away one 5-tray Small Garden Food Dehydrator ($249.95 retail) here at dkMommy Spot.  I reviewed an Excalibur dehydrator a few months back, and if you heard the podcast, you know how impressed I am with the unit.  I’m thrilled to be able to get one of you set up with an Excalibur, especially now in these tough economic times.  Dehydrating your own foods and herbs makes plenty of economic sense.  You’ll save money and retain the nutritional value of many of your favorite foods.  I’d highly suggest dehydrating and storing away those fruits and vegetables as they come into season so your family can enjoy the benefits of these foods for months to come.  Or as your herb garden grows, dry your own herbs for medicinal and cooking purposes.

The Excalibur 3526T, which will be given to one very fortunate reader, features a 26-hour timer and five trays providing eight square feet of drying space.  If you’re a first-time dehydrator and want to dry your own produce or herbs, this is a fantastic unit to get you started.  I’ve found the Excalibur very easy to use, and with a fan in the back of the unit, you don’t have to worry about babysitting your food throughout the process. The heat is evenly distributed which gets rid of the need to constantly flip trays around for even drying.  And with an adjustable thermostat, drying herbs is pretty simple as well.  You’re able to get a lower heat setting which will keep tender plants from drying too quickly or scorching.  

If you want to hear more about the Excalibur, please listen to my Dehydrating Podcast which discusses the unit in more detail.  While I talked about the 9-tray unit, the 5-tray being given away here has all the same features that impressed me.

In the meantime, let’s get you entered to win!  

How to enter:

1.) Just visit the Excalibur website and come back here to tell me what you liked or learned about their dehydrators.  (You may enter once a day – following entries don’t require you to answer the question.) Remember, leave an interesting comment. If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

2.) Email subscribers get an extra entry for as long as their subscription is active.

Already a subscriber? Leave me a separate comment on this post to let me know you’re interested in this giveaway.

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4.) I’m feeling Twittery. If you Twitter a link to this giveaway, come back and comment here to let me know your Twitter name for another entry!

Feel free to do all four to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Monday, February 16, 2009, to enter.

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850 thoughts on “Excalibur Food Dehydrator Giveaway

  1. I have never used or owned a food dehydrator but would like to try some new recipes. And I learned that it could dehydrate meat in 6 hours. What a nice product. Thanks for the chance.

  2. What foods can you dehydrate in the Excalibur?
    Virtually anything! Almost all fruits, most vegetables, meats, fish, herbs, and some dairy products. You can also use it for crafts.
    I really want to try the beef jerky!

  3. OH I would so love this! One fact that I learned is that “the average cost of electricity used by the Excalibur is about 4 – 5¢ an hour. Would put it to Great use for sure and maybe a little brag-rights in between. Thank you. skyxsky27(at)gmail.com

  4. Second entry for me.

    This would be so much easier to use than the other brands out there. No need to rotate trays, an adjustable thermostat, a timer, wow! It is the Rolls Royce of dehydrators and truly a great prize. I hope whomever wins it will really enjoy it. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  5. This is a great giveaway! I’ve always wanted one to dry the fruits and veggies I grow and this one has an adjustable thermostat, so that would be nice, too. Thanks for having the contest!

  6. All Excalibur dehydrators have an adjustable thermostat for best flavor, fastest drying, highest nutritional value, and overall versatility.

  7. We love camping outdoors and I was pleased to learn that I could actually make my own jerky in less than a day. That’s a real money saver when you compare it to today’s prices.

  8. I love homemade jerky. I love fruit leather. I love dried fruit. AND I just discovered a dried version of one of my other loves, thanks to Excalibur. You can dry YOGURT! Who knew?

  9. A couple things I like are that it looks super easy to use, you can recrisp chips and crackers, and the many things you can do to enhance your baking!

  10. I am interested in this product I can live a more Godly lifestyle (raw) and not pollute my body with toxic foods…I heard that I need a dehydrator to do this..ok i thought let me check it out….I searched loads of sites and each one says Excalibur is the best!!…And I believe them because Excaliber go to great lengths to satisfy thier customers..who else would change their design so you can choose colour preference and change from 24 to 26 dial..if i dont win ( and I pray I do) I will still buy one!!

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