Fair Indigo – Fair Trade Clothing & a Coupon Code

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Having spent some pleasurable window-shopping time, I discovered the online store Fair Indigo.  Loaded with the kind of clothes I love to find, Fair Indigo is not only fair trade, they’re fashionable!  I have an Organic Cotton Scoopneck Sundress from them that has been made fairly in Santiago de Surco, Peru, and I simply can’t wear it enough.  Every spring and summer I get out my stash of warm weather favorites, and this always includes a collection of comfortable dresses.  The Scoopneck Sundress is my new favorite, and why not?  Stem green cotton  matches my blog nicely, don’t you think?  It’s got a little stretch to it, so it moves with me, and the material is rather swingy so when it moves, it moves with a bit of drama.

So what’s the big deal about fair trade items?  While the term “fair trade” is becoming more and more known, you may not be certain what the definition really is.  “Fair trade” simply means the workers are getting a fair wage, no matter where in the world they’re producing the item.  That means no sweatshops, no workers unable to care for their families on a wage that’s not fit for anyone to live off.  At Fair Indigo, you’ll find a wide array of men’s eco fashion and women’s eco fashion – even baby gifts – all of which are fair trade.  

Fair trade, organic fabrics, classic style, and hot trends are all present at Fair Indigo, making it a great place to shop online.  If you’d like to do a little shopping at their site, I have a coupon code for 20% off this darling green Organic Cotton Scoopneck Dress!  (It comes in Marine Navy Blue too.)  Just type in coupon code DKMOM at checkout.  Then get ready to be a comfortable and conscientious shopper! (Not to mention smokin’ in that new dress.)