Flax Seed Recipes Abounding!

I did a post awhile ago on how to eat flax seed, and it’s been quite the popular little post. I wanted to provide you with some flax recipes since they’re so healthy but few people actually know what to do with them. I came across a site that is loaded with interesting recipes containing flax from Golden Valley Flax. I noticed they also sell flax on this site; not a paid post, just passing on something good.

Spiffyman offers a recipe for Super Flax Muffins that I think I’ll try out this evening.

HealthRecipes.com also offers a few interesting flax recipes, including some hot flax cereal that I would suggest you eat only if you’re already used to flax because it’s a lot of seed! As with all these recipes, that old adage “too much of a good thing” applies. So I wouldn’t recommend having flax dinner night at home with all these recipes unless you really have nowhere to go tomorrow and there’s a bathroom available for each member of the household. ‘Nuf said!

Now go grind some flax.

I plan on trying out some of the recipes; if you try any, let me know what you thought.

3 thoughts on “Flax Seed Recipes Abounding!

  1. i am going to make those muffins right now. with the carrot-almond-raisin mix ins. i was just thinking about flax seed recipes. you read my mind.:)

  2. Great, Michal! Let me know how they turn out. I ran out of time yesterday, but I’m going to make some muffins today myself, right after I finish making dog food. I’m grinding flax seed for that anyway, so I might as well grind some extra!

  3. The muffin recipe seems enticing. I hope to get around to making that one anytime soon. Just for added info, did you know that there are studies suggesting that flax seed inhibits the production of excessive estrogen, particularly during the postmenopausal stage? This benefit would help in the fight against breast cancer. Studies are in fact being conducted to confirm this theory. So, all the more reason for women to eat flax seed regularly.


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