Fortamajig Giveaway – The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Hiding in Your Living Room

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One of the most ingenious toys to enter our home is, hands down, the Fortamajig by The Happy Kid Company.  Such a simple concept, yet what results during playtime is anything but simple!  Fortamajig, a basic rectangle of parachute-type material, contains many cleverly placed sewn-on strips of Velcro which are easily attached to furniture indoors, or trees, fences, decks, etc. outdoors so children can create forts, tents, houses, rockets – whatever their imaginations can conjure up.  A Velcroed slit up one side makes a door.  A screen window, with flaps on each side for opening and closing, makes a perfect lookout spot.  And the pockets inside mean kids can hide their secret clubhouse items from possible intruders (like older or younger siblings).

My house contains a lot of wood furniture that I like to protect from damage as much as anyone would, I suppose.  We’ve had the Fortamajig strapped across every conceivable area of the house, and I never have to worry about it scratching or damaging anything.  My son would care less about that aspect, though – he just loves that in under five minutes, Mommy magically builds him his own remarkable house – just his size!  Oftentimes, while I’m working my day job on the computer, he has his Fortamajig hooked to a couple of dining room chairs.  He sits inside on his little overstuffed rocker, favorite animals and books surrounding him, and plays quietly while I get my work done.  Playing quietly, as any mom will tell you, is a God send.  Perhaps that’s the most ingenious part of the Fortamajig of all!

Want to win your own Lime Single Layer Fortamajig? (Retail $69.95, pictured to the right.)  The Happy Kid Company is generously giving one away to a dkMommy Spot reader!

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Feel free to do all four to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Tuesday, April 14, 2009, to enter.

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341 thoughts on “Fortamajig Giveaway – The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Hiding in Your Living Room

  1. I see that they’re based in Massachusetts…my home state! And I love that their philosophy is that The Happy Kid Company is all about our love for creativity, having fun and raising happy, healthy children!

  2. The fortamajig comes in 6 color combos, which would make this a cool gift that I can get for more than one child (my twins) and select a color for each. They do like to have their own stuff & there wouldn’t be any mixup.

  3. There is nothing breakable, and no hard pieces to “bonk” a child! Wow, I’d love to win this one!

  4. this is so nat it would let my little marine have hours of fun in doors or out,and keeping kids happy with safe thing is what it its all about!!

  5. The Fortamajig is offered in 2 versions: An ultra light-weight single layer, and a brilliant 2-color reversible model.

  6. You can expand the fortamajig by using the connectables to create an even larger play area.

    This would be so fun to have. It would be easier and better than dragging out all of our sheets to create a fort in the yard.

    laces last blog post..Gruntlings & G-Bike

  7. I love that the kids can create different “forts” My neighbor has one and it’s great for long winters inside when the kids really need to use their imaginations.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  8. The Fortamajig is offered in 2 versions: An ultra light-weight single layer, and a brilliant 2-color reversible model :)

  9. The Fortamajig is offered in 2 versions: An ultra light-weight single layer, and a brilliant 2-color reversible model

  10. Last entry! I learned that it has no hard pieces to break or lose. Good luck everyone!!

  11. Pingback: Leah
  12. The Fortamajig comes in a single color/single layer version and a double layer/reversible color version.

  13. The Original Fortamajig received the Parents’ Choice Gold Award! Very magical! : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


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