Germguardian True HEPA Complete Air Cleansing System Review

Spring is sprouting and with it comes not only the fresh green beauty of nature, but the sneeze-inducing wonder that is pollen.  One of the best ways to combat your allergies is by cleaning the air in your home.  Dusting and vacuuming become even more important during the spring months, and with a decent air purifier, you can cut down on the need to do these laborious tasks.

One air purifier I’ve been testing this spring is the Germguardian AC5000 True HEPA Complete Air Cleansing System.  Its modern tower shape fits neatly in a corner without taking up much room, and its varying speeds ensure you’re able to purify the air in different situations and room sizes.  But the most interesting feature on the Germguardian is the UV-C light that actually kills airborne germs and bacteria.

I have pet birds, and if anyone has ever shared their home with these feathered fellows, then you already realize the need for clean air, both for the sensitive birds and for the humans that would otherwise be breathing in the feather dust.  (Birds produce a powdery substance that coats their wings.)  Running this air purifier in the room with the birds seems to be a good idea and one that’s working, and although I can’t run lab tests to see the actual effect of the UV-C light, I’ve read up enough on these special bulbs to understand they’re the real germ-killing deal.

Use of the UV-C bulb is optional in running the unit, and can be turned on and off at the touch of a button.  This helps conserve the bulb ($14.99 to replace at – actually less than I would have suspected).  Over all, the unit is an affordable alternative to many pricier models.  This one will run you about $250.  In the end, getting a decent air purifier is a good investment for any allergy or asthma sufferer.  When the outdoor air is laden with pollens, it’s nice to have a home that offers you respite from sneezing and wheezing.  And when the allergens such as pet dust are already indoors, cleaning the air is especially important.  The True HEPA Complete Air Cleansing System makes for a wise and affordable choice.

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