Get to Know the Geodynamos! An Interview

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As you know, this week on dkMommy Spot is very special.  It’s the Breast Cancer Awareness Week, and we’re teaming up with a great group of people down in Albuquerque, New Mexico by helping to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention.  We’re also having a week of giveaways featuring fun chemical-free health and beauty products, so be sure to visit every day and get yourself entered to win!

The Geodynamos is their name, and they are out to raise some money for breast cancer research.  Every year they participate in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk, and over the last three years this team has raised over $10,000!  This year they’re at it again.  I recently interviewed the team captain, Shannon Clark, about their involvement:

dkM: What inspired the Geodynamos to form four years ago and start walking for a cure?

SC:  Our former team Captain, Jennifer, formed the Geodynamos when her cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

dkM:  What do you most hope women can learn about breast cancer prevention and detection?

SC: I hope that women will learn the importance of breast self exams – being aware of how your breasts feel at different times of the month so you can notice changes if they occur – and the importance of annual mammograms starting at age 35.

dkM:  I’m sure everyone in the group would have a different answer to this one, but how has being involved with these walks personally affected you?

SC: The walks have personally affected me by heightening my own awareness when it comes to breast health.  I’ve also been affected by the people, survivors, mainly, who I’ve met through doing the walks.  They are truly an inspiration to all women.  There is a lot of comradery at these walks, and you realize that you’re doing something worthwhile for your fellow women!    

Thanks so much to Shannon Clark and all the Geodynamos for what you’re doing!  We heartily solute you and support you!

Remember: If you donate to help find a cure through the Geodynamo’s home page, email me at themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com and you’ll receive 3 extra entries into every giveaway throughout the week! (You do NOT need to donate to enter the giveaways, but if you donate even $1, I want to say “thank you”.) 

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