Got Stress? Try Mindful Living TV

If there’s one thing a parent’s got, it’s stress.  There are many ways to alleviate it, but of course around here, we look for the all-natural approach.  I’ve recently found a unique way to let go of some of that tension, and it’s right on the internet.  Mindful Living TV is an online television network that focuses on getting back to bringing meaning to your life.  They have shows such as Meditation Room led by Dr. Kathleen Hall, the “Stress Queen”; Mindful Living Everyday which shows you how to live mindfully; a true reality show called Alter Your Life; and The Way I See iT which is a special show put on by you and other viewers.

I tried out the Meditation Room show, and it’s a unique way to give you a few peaceful moments.  Whether you’re an old hand at meditation or it’s all new to you, it’s a good way for a mom or dad to unplug for about four minutes of deep breathing and mental rest.  Viewers get to choose from a variety of settings, such as the sunrise, the ocean, or voice led meditation.  I’ve been enjoying clicking over for four minutes of watching a sunrise, listening to the birds, and just taking a moment to remind myself to breathe deep, sit still, and enjoy life – something we all should remind ourselves to do!

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