“Head First Physics” Book for Everybody Giveaway

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Want your kids to grow up to make a difference in the world?  Science is a fantastic place to start.  We’ve all heard the reports that the U.S. needs to focus more on the sciences.  If we want to see real change take place, whether it’s alternative fuels or alternative medicines, our kids need to grow up buddy-buddy with science, to learn what’s so fascinating about it.  Head First Physics is an excellent way to start that relationship on the right foot.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in life is that some of the best education you can receive is what you dig into on your own time.  As the world changes and grows, even the very best of school systems don’t have enough time to cover all the subjects our kids may need or take an interest in.  That’s why the Head First Physics book published by O’Reilly really grabbed me.  Kids can really learn; and this is not a boring old school textbook either!  They’ll be performing experiments, enjoying funny graphics, and putting pencil to paper in the most creative of ways.  And all those questions they ask you about how stuff works? They’ll learn first-hand! Not just print on paper, but they’ll learn how to try it for themselves. A valuable learning tool indeed.

I’d say this book is probably best for at least 12 and up, but it’s always good to have the books laying around ready for curious eyes whenever they find an interest well up.  Who knows?  Your 7-year-old may just astound you.  And if they’re not ready to read it, you might find yourself hardpressed to stay out of the book yourself.  I keep going back to the thing and playing around with it, ’cause mama needs a refresher course!  But don’t worry – I won’t keep all the fun to myself.  I have an extra copy here!  

3 Ways to Enter:

1.) How do you show your kids learning is fun?  Any special family activities or games, books, experiments you like to play around with? Have fun with your comment! If I can’t contact the randomly drawn winner, I choose according to comments.

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Feel free to do all three, and you have three entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Monday, October 27, 2008, to enter.

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79 thoughts on ““Head First Physics” Book for Everybody Giveaway

  1. We try to involve our kids in everything that we are doing. Kids love to be a part. We cook together, we garden together, we take care of the pets together . . . It takes longer to get stuff done, but young kids want to learn.

  2. We love to do kitchen science. We’ve made candy, grown crystals, and done several other experiments as a family. We also like to go for walks and talk about the plants and animals that we see.

    Paiges last blog post..Fall cleaning

  3. we try to use our every day environment to explore and learn. discovery channel is a great resource too..for indoor entertainmet and simultaneous learning.

  4. I’m a homeschool teacher so I have to teach the kids everything. Not everything is fun, but I try to incorporate enjoyable activities. We’ve done experiments, color sheets, singing, and using dolls and toys as props for math before. Outside of school, I try to provide interesting outside learning experiences like educational games, web sites, and television shows like the History Channel and certain nature shows.

    Brooke Allens last blog post..Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned…

  5. We have way too many computers around this house — and pretty much all of them have a whole collection of logic and word games on them (Bookworm is one favorite). We also have lots and lots of books about “The Way Things Work”, as well as games like “Mousetrap” where you have to build these complicated mechanisms… Hard to AVOID learning to think around here!

  6. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how many of the latest video games have a STRONG component of physics embedded, and the BEST ones even include a strong element of having to work through logical problems in order to “win through” to whatever the game goals are.
    And as always, the best toys are the ones that reveal new concepts and directions for “play” to go. Always a good sign when the biggest laugh goes to “so THAT’S how that works”…

  7. We love to “do” in order to learn — just the other day we dropped eggs on “inflated” ziploc bags to demonstrate how airbags work!

  8. We learned about secondary colors by mixing food coloring tinted water, and I think cooking is important to do with your child, there is a lot of science involved in cooking 😀

    Rebecca Cs last blog post..Giveaways 10/27

  9. the best fun with learning is playing games there are sooooooooooooo many to choose from and so much to learn

  10. I watch educational programs with them and show interest in what they have learned. I also try to incorporate learning into other activities such as baking and shopping.

  11. My kids are 8, 5, 3, and 7 months.
    A few weeks ago, my children and I sprouted beans in a ziploc bag in the window. We used 3 different types of beans. Because the bag was clear, we watched every stage. This lead to many discussions, such as why a particular bean sprouted first and why others grew faster and why some didn’t sprout at all! They were so interested and had so many questions. The only thing I regret is that they didn’t keep little journals of drawings.

    ginas last blog post..I Heart Photobooks, too

  12. We would love to win this book. We home school, so we are always trying to fins new ways to be creative & fun. We love to do school outside, especially some where fun!

  13. My daughter and I are both science nerds, so we’d love to have this book! We’ve done so many fun science projects together…growing crystals, cultivating a herb garden, playing with magnets, growing butterflies.

    elainas last blog post..This Full House Giveaway

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