Healing Burns Naturally with Aloe Vera

aloe-veraIf there’s one plant everyone should have in their house, it’s the aloe plant.  Not only is it virtually impossible to kill, it has so many uses.  For healing burns naturally, nothing beats the aloe vera plant.  It takes the sting and redness right out of kitchen burns, sunburns, and various other owies.

If you don’t already have an aloe plant, you can purchase them just about anywhere you find houseplants.  There’s no need to fertilize them, and watering is minimal.  In fact, I don’t quite remember the last time I watered mine.  Usually, I water it when I notice the leaves are losing their volume.  You want to make sure the leaves have a bit of fatness to them because that’s the aloe gel you’ll need if, heaven forbid, you stay in the sun too long.

To use the plant for burns, simply break off a chunk of leaf.  If you’re dealing with a small burn, just the tip of a leaf will do.  Squeeze the gel out of the leaf and apply to the burn.  (I’d suggest running the burn under cold water first, just to stop the skin from continuing to burn.)  If there’s still gel in the leaf, you can put the leaf in your refrigerator for later use.  

Of course, if the burn is bad, you should seek the care of a doctor immediately, but for minor burns and blistering, nothing works for healing the pain and redness of a burn more effectively and naturally than treating it with aloe vera.

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  1. I liked the idea but I cant grow a plant in my apartment. what do u know about the aloe vera products? do u use them? can u recommend any of them for burning?

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