If you’ve been wondering how to go about boosting your immune system as naturally as possible, it’s time to take a closer look at herbs. We’re all concerned about the misuse of antibiotics and what that could mean during a real crisis, and it doesn’t look like any new antibiotics will be coming to our rescue any time soon. According to Bill Bryson, author of A Short History of Nearly Everything, “Although a few antibiotics have been toughened up a bit, the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t given us an entirely new antibiotic since the 1970′s.”  But we’re not about getting fearful around here. No, we’re not. We’re about taking charge, gathering some simple knowledge, and going forth with self reliance. With a little help from our botanical friends.

First stop on the herbal train is – you guessed it – echinacea. This is not only the easiest to get in commerce, it’s one of the safest. You can take echinacea tincture for months on end without side effects, and it won’t wear out on you. Echinacea assists the body in building up its own defenses. In other words, it’s like a drill sergeant. He doesn’t fight for them – he teaches them to fight for themselves.

The next herb we’ll look at is balsam root. Similar to echinacea in the way it works, balsam root is an especially good choice for those of us who tend to be immuno-deficient. You know, someone who seems to catch everything that comes around. If you’re one of those and you often feel cold and clammy, balsam root is your herb. It’s got a way of warming you up while it stimulates the immune system. A good combination, if you ask me!

For either of these herbs, I’d recommend going with a tincture. You’ll get a lot more out of the plants that way. If you can’t find tincture, tea is your next best bet. While you may be missing some constituents, as long as the tea is fresh, you’ll still be reaping many benefits. And while we’re talking tea, getting bulk herb is often better quality and much cheaper than getting tea bags.

Don’t forget to eat healthy foods to boost that immune system, either. Yes, dark green leafy veggies are ideal. Don’t feel like munching on a pound of raw kale? Green smoothies make it much easier to get plenty of vegetables in your diet.

Taking these ideas into consideration, you can make it through the rest of the winter “grunge” season with fewer concerns. And fewer antibiotics. For more ideas on how to boost your immune system naturally, as well as helpful info on fighting colds and flu with herbs, subscribe to this blog or check out my ebook Herbs Gone Wild!