Healthy Recipes for the Frugal Chef

PhotobucketI was at the grocery store yesterday, pushing my cart through the aisles of the produce section.  As you can imagine, this is my favorite area.  In fact, most trips to the store see me only in this area, never to set the wheels of my cart in the boxed/canned goods aisles.  So as I was gathering my cartfull of natural goodies, I reached for the bag of lemons.  We go through a lot of those.  But before even touching the forbidden fruit, I was taken aback–stunned–by the price for 6 of these yellow fruits. $8.99.  $8.99!  I’m not in Aspen, Colorado, land of expensive milk.  (I’ve heard rumors.)  I’m in Suburbia U.S.A., and I have never, nor will I ever, pay $9 for 6 lemons.  

Naturally, my mind turned to you.  I often talk to you in my head, sorting out what we’ll talk about later, and I knew you’d be just as floored as I was.  (I even took a picture of the lemon display with my cellphone.  But I’m too cheap to pay for the download fee my phone service charges.) I also knew that you’re probably just as concerned with your grocery bill, and that maybe you’d like to fight back with me.  

So what do we do?  Eating healthy already costs more than your average box of Hamburger Helper.  And eating healthy can mean more prep time in the kitchen.  But not necessarily so.  A good, healthy meal can be made with minimal prep time and minimal spending.  I’m going to set up a special page that will give you links to the recipes I have here that already meet this criteria, and I’d love to hear from you!

If you have a healthy, whole-food recipe containing no processed foods and little to no meat, and if this recipe can be made cheaply without requiring cooking classes to make, please email me your recipe at themommyspot(at)gmail(dot)com.  I’ll publish it here and add it to the special page (See the Gimme Recipes! tab above.) and if you’re a blogger, please tell me what your blog address is so we can do some shameless plugging.

I’ll also see what we can do about scraping together a great prize for the best recipe.  I have a giveaway closet, and there must be something in there you’d like, wouldn’t you?

I can’t wait!  We’re gonna eat healthy.  We’re gonna eat cheap.  And it won’t take any $9 lemons. 

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