Herbalists in History – An Introduction

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With the passing of the American Master Herbalist Michael Moore on February 20, 2009, I started thinking about the impact many great herbalists have had over the centuries.  I’ve long been fascinated with how these men and women managed to discover the healing properties of herbs, and I’m even more fascinated with how they lived; sometimes they bucked the mainstream, other times they were merely following the traditions of their people.  But whatever their reason for delving into the study of medicinal plants and herbs, I think sharing their stories is vitally important to helping us understand a more natural way of being.  It can lead us to realize that these alternatives have been there much longer than what we now call “traditional” medicine.

This is why I’ll be starting a new category at dkMommy Spot called Herbalists in History.  Be sure to look out for articles on herbalists throughout history.  I’ll be spotlighting men, women, even entire people groups such as Native American tribes and aboriginal groups.  I’m sure you’ll find these people just as fascinating as I have!  Who knows, they may even inspire you to become a great herbalist yourself!

Pictured:  Nicholas Culpeper

2 thoughts on “Herbalists in History – An Introduction

  1. How great is that idea?!? How cool, i am looking forward to your great new category about Herbalist in History!! I love everything that has to do with herbs and the history of Herbology and Natural Medicine is so important:)

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