Herbs Gone Wild eBook – Gone FREE for One Day Only

If you got a new Kindle for Christmas this year, you’ll want to feed that baby a healthy diet; I recommend Herbs Gone Wild, my herbal remedy ebook. And for today only, it’s free. Every Kindle deserves a great start on its new electronic life, and Herbs Gone Wild is filled with leafy greens, herbal goodness, and remedies that are natural and pure as the driven snow. And it’s free. Which is great, because if there’s one thing a Kindle likes, it’s being filled with ebooks. Good ones. Funny ones. Ones with cute baby owls on the cover munching bright pink echinacea blooms.

So snag your copy now, while it’s hot. And did I mention FREE?

Herbs Gone Wild – Ancient Remedies Turned Loose FREE on 01/06/12 only, through 12 midnight, PST.

6 thoughts on “Herbs Gone Wild eBook – Gone FREE for One Day Only

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  4. Diane,

    I got your ebook for my Kindle today and I love it!!!! And your ebook brought me to your blog. I love the style in which you write and I am finding the book not only informative but very entertaining!!! I have read many herb books over the past two years or so…..but I already know that yours is one of my favorites! Thank you!!!


  5. Thanks a million, Cindy!!! I appreciate the kind words more than you can know. When you’re done reading it, perhaps you can mention this over at Amazon. I need all the help spreading the word I can get, and input such as yours definitely helps!

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