“Herbs Gone Wild! Now in Print!”and “A Giveaway!” and “Diane Kidman! Now on FB!”

Exclamation points abound today, and that’s because two big things finally happened. “Herbs Gone Wild! Ancient Remedies Turned Loose” is available in paperback on Amazon. It’s a relief and a bit of a shock to be holding a hard copy of it in my hands. It was published in Kindle format a year ago this month, so it was an unexpected surprise to make it available now. Another surprise? “Beauty Gone Wild,” “Hair Gone Wild,” and “Teas for Life” will all be available in print over the next two weeks. I’m really happy with how they came out. Nice covers, a handy size, and the owl looks so cute. At last I get to hold him.

If that wasn’t enough excitement around here, I finally have a fan page on Facebook. A long time coming, I know, but it’s there now. So if you Like me (I sure like you), then you’ll get to watch me make all sorts of embarrassing mistakes on my page. Like just a few hours ago. I posted my profile picture in three places at the same time and now they’re there and I can’t get them off so it looks like I’m staring at you no matter where in the room you stand. Like the Mona Lisa.

Win a free copy of “Herbs Gone Wild!” in paperback – just Like my Facebook page, then share the giveaway post with your FB friends. I’ll draw a random winner on 08/24/2012!

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