Surely you know the shower cups of bygone days, which mostly consisted of steel enamel, were dyed white and required a cumbersome entrance with an edge about 15 centimeters high. Modern shower trays are often made of free-formable acrylic materials and the sizes can be adapted to any structural condition.

Manufacturers carry square, rectangular and polygonal shapes; there are semicircular and round shower trays and custom-made products from the quadrant to the hexagon. The sizes are from the standard square with ninety centimetres side length to the curved shaped shower tray for two people with over two meters wide for every need and taste the right product.

Both the structural conditions and your personal ideas determine the choice: how long may the specimen be? Do you also use it as a bath for the children? Is barrier-free use in the foreground? Which shower tubs size fits in my bathroom?

Manufacturers offer many options in terms of size and shape to meet the dimensions of the appropriate model for your shower. The important aspects of determining the footprint include not only length, width and depth, but also the location of the runoff, the entry and exit directions and the direction of the door opening. Basically, the bigger the shower, the more comfortable it is to shower in its daily. But how is this wish fulfilled in a small bath? Thanks to the wonderful variety you will find the right product for your room, in this guide we help you!

Shower Bases Size: What options are there anyway?

The size and shape of your new shower base are based on the floor plan and the available space in your bathroom. Often, the corner next to the bathtub or a small niche behind the door offers. If the number of square meters is not a decisive criterion, the shower base nestles elegantly in front of the long wall or freestanding in the room. The two basic forms differ in square and rectangular, based on which further possibilities arise with beveled edges or stylish curves of the shower base.

The most popular form for the shower bases is the special rectangle, the square. It can be used flexibly for corners or niches as well as for lateral placement on the wall. The dimensions range from 70 x 70 cm to 150 x 150 cm. In addition, the rectangular version cuts a fine figure in large and small rooms, making them the right choice, especially for narrow bathrooms. Here you decide flexibly between a space-saving floor space of 90 x 60 cm up to the huge shower base of 200 x 100 cm. Overall, manufacturers offer in their shower bases size a length of 70 to 200 cm and a width of 60 to 180 cm. While the standard size is 90 x 90 cm, the following dimensions for shower bases are frequently asked:

  • 80 x 80 cm
  • 90 x 75 cm
  • 90 x 90 cm
  • 100 x 100 cm
  • 120 x 90 cm

Low or high: choose the suitable Size of a Shower Base


The depth of a shower base is just as varied. From ultra flat to ankle deep, the selection is huge and offers the optimum solution for every taste and every requirement. We distinguish between four sizes:

  • High apron: 22 – 35 cm
  • Low apron: 5 – 18 cm
  • Super flat without apron: 2.5 – 4.5 cm
  • Ground level: 0 – 2 cm

Each variant fulfils its own purpose and is suitable for different requirements. The design with a high apron can be wonderfully used as a small bathtub for your children. Do you have a pet? Even this family member can effortlessly break off in the deep model. And after work, take a relaxing foot bath in the cup yourself. A low skirt offers similar benefits, but it reduces the amount of water in the bag. In addition, the construction facilitates the entry and exit.

Flat shower bases are particularly suitable for low installation heights, which are often present in the renovation of old buildings. They are considered as intermediate stage of the classic, deep variant with apron and the ground-level element. They can be mounted on the floor, partially lowered or placed flush with the floor. The exact installation height depends both on the depth of the selected model and how deep the drain can sink. Due to the super-flat design without apron, the use of the wet cell succeeds easily. The minimal edge provides security when entering the tub and is also important for the age-appropriate bathroom planning. It also creates visual highlights, as the space is larger due to the flowing transition, mainly in combination with a glazed shower cubicle.

Absolute accessibility is provided by the floor-level extension. The threshold-free design without tripping edges is becoming more and more common in the bathroom nowadays, because it is regarded as a future-oriented modernization measure. Restricted persons use the walk-in shower base effortlessly; also wheelchair users drive the area without problems. When using a shower base instead of tiles, you benefit from seamless processing that saves you from having to clean the narrow notches. In addition, there is no moisture damage and you do not need to lower the floor to drain.

Important: In a barrier-free bathroom, a maximum depth of 2 cm to the adjacent floor area is permitted!

Shower dimensions: height Suitability and advantages of the respective shower bases size
22-35 cm Children bathe, pet break off, take foot bath
5 – 18 cm Easy entry and exit, foot bath, infant tub, pet shower
2.5 – 4.5 cm Optimal for the old building with low construction height, installation on the floor, partly sunk or floor level, safe use, age-appropriate, spacious look
0 – 2 cm Barrier-free, threshold-free, ideal for wheelchair users, easy cleaning without joints, effortless installation without lowering the floor


The perfect shower base size for every bathroom

Every bathroom is different. That is why there are many different situations that influence the choice of the right shower base. How do I use the limited space in a small bathroom? Or what do I do with the roof pitch? How can I easily get into the shower with the wheelchair?

Learn important tips on the most common circumstances for the installation of the cup and find the ideal model for your needs.

Small but fine shower bases

Shower solutions for bathrooms with limited space are in demand especially in old buildings. When setting up the personal wellness oasis, every inch counts. The art and the challenge are to include all the important sanitary elements while still offering enough freedom of movement. Because our stay in the bathroom shows constant movement, especially in the shower area: drying the body, spreading the elbows, stretching the hand to shampoo or hair styling – we are always active and want to be able to live that, of course, unrestricted. Therefore, note the minimum dimensions, these are essential for comfortable use and should serve as a guide as well as possible in a limited space. The shower base requires a footprint of at least 80 x 80 cm, for the rectangular variant is 90 x 75 cm. But even for the smallest bathroom manufacturers find the ideal solution. The smallest square model is available in the dimensions 70 x 70 cm, for a narrow room is the rectangle with 75 x 70 cm.

You also have the opportunity to purchase a special edition of 65 cm or less, in which there is always a place for the shower heads set finds.

In addition to the dimensions plays in a small bathroom and the shape of the tub a role, because pentagons or quadrant shower bases prove to be an absolute space miracle. In general, the base is square; the beveled or rounded shape creates space and allows at the same time a lot of freedom for your movements in the diagonal. A floor-level installation increases the room visually, as the threshold-free transition without corners and edges the bathroom merges with the shower.

Feel good in a large room with the shower base

A wide range of sizes is available in a large bathroom. Think about where you want to place your shower in the room and what your requirements are: Want a simple model or a wellness temple? Should two people find space in it? Basically, a comfortable shower should have a width of at least 100 cm. If more space is available, plan quietly with 110 or 120 cm. Because the freedom of movement and sufficient space for the care products are very important factors to feel comfortable. About 50 percent of Germans like to shower together; even 60 percent use the wet cell to spend time together.

Then choose a model with a minimum leg length of 120 cm. The dream of wellness in the shower is easy to implement. Today’s offer ranges from steam baths, over body sprays to massage jets. On a surface of 150 cm or more, it can be wonderfully relaxing.

Because of limitation by inclination

Your bathroom has a sloping roof? A charming detail, but planning the dimensions on paper is hard to plan. Get help from a sanitary expert who gives you a real idea with 3-D visualizations. In general, a shower base fits wonderfully into the asymmetrical corner and can be the right solution, especially in the small bathroom. If you decide to install the shower under a slope, there are several aspects to check in advance and to consider during installation.


  • The minimum height of a shower is 230 cm.
  • A flat model gives you room in height.
  • The minimum distance between the head and the slope is 25 cm.
  • Can you bend your arms comfortably to wash your hair?
  • The shower fitting requires a water connection to the wall.
  • The shower is mounted 20 cm above the head.
  • Which shower screen is suitable? Do you need a custom order?
  • Use tiles to protect the walls from moisture.

Expect that the time and cost may be slightly higher than with a standard placement under the straight ceiling. The beautiful and, above all, individual result can easily make up for the effort. And should it allow the angle of the slope, even a small sitting area or a convenient shelf can be integrated into the niche.

Barrier-free showering pleasure

A floor-level extension of the shower cup allows barrier-free access to the shower. Edges and tub edges are a major obstacle especially for wheelchair users, so there is a walk-in shower indispensable for unrestricted and safe driving. For a barrier-free construction, precise minimum movement areas of 120 cm in length and in width are defined. Thus, a support assistant finds enough space to provide the necessary support. You should also include a shower chair when planning the floor space. Wheelchair users need an area of ​​150 x 150 cm to easily turn and turn around in the shower.

Shower bases Trend: glass cabin and open shower cubicle

Walk-in showers and glass-enclosed shower cabins: more and more bathrooms have the highlights among the showers. No wonder, because the trendy designs attract the attentive eyes only so on. The glass cabin is suitable for floor-level shower bases as well as for the exemplar with apron. There are all sorts of options in terms of design. Whether with or without frame, sliding door or swing door, as a complete shower cubicle in the corner or as a single shower wall on the wall – almost every wish is fulfilled. The transparent design enlarges the space and is thus particularly effective in small bathrooms. The base of the shower base are limited, almost every shower size is conceivable. You get this separation as well for small as for large models. For the latter, ideally, the design of a walk-in shower is ideal. This is in combination with a walk-in shower base and usually has a glass cabin. The minimum size of this variant is 120 cm in width.

An important factor for making the tip of the head or head water hand showers only flow to the floor within the shower area. Thus, this trend with modern look is especially suitable for large bathrooms.

Shower Dimensions: How do I measure the radius of my tub?

In order to find the right shower cubicle for your shower cup, you need the radius of the model. This can be calculated in a jiffy, even the less experienced home improvement among us do that with left! Before you start, pay attention to the following points:


  • The cup should already be installed.
  • The tile work must be completed.
  • Disassemble the old cabin, if available.
  • Always calculate the external dimensions for the required dimensions.

Everything checked? Then grab a folding rule and a sticky note and determine the radius according to the shape:

shape Calculation of the radius
square The radius is equal to half the width.
rectangle Half the width stands for the radius.
pentagon Measure the width of the cup (leg length) and subtract the length of the right-angled short side (side wall length). As a result, you get the radius.
quadrant Determine the overall width of the tub (leg length) and the length of the short, straight side before it goes into the rounding (sidewall length). Thigh length minus side wall length is equal to radius.
semicircle The radius is calculated by half the width.


Larger model = higher costs?

The purchase price is an important criterion when choosing the shower base. However, you should first of all attach importance to the appropriate material as well as to the appropriate size. Because you will not swap out the shower again so quickly, it’s a long-term investment that makes one or two dollars more worthwhile. Likewise, the brand affects the cost of the model.

Dimensions / shower bases size Price from*
75 x 70 cm 211 dollars
80 x 80 cm 70 dollars
90 x 75 cm 82 dollars
90 x 90 cm 75 dollars
100 x 100 cm 172 dollars
120 x 90 cm 212 dollars
150 x 150 cm 543 dollars
200 x 100 cm 882 dollars

* Price may vary based on material, manufacturer and supplier.

What size do shower trays come in? The most popular shower bases:

If you have little space for the shower, you need a small shower base – a model for a floor area of ​​less than 90 x 90 centimeters.

But which shapes and dimensions are there?

And what about the shower cubicle?

We show you the best small shower bases at a glance.

So that you find the perfect basis for your new little shower:

1. The square shower base

The square is the most popular form of shower bases ever.

The advantage of square shower bases is that you can place them very flexibly – not just in a corner or a niche, but also on the side of the wall.

Square shower bases combine well with a shower door or a full shower stall.

Small square shower bases are available in the following sizes:

  • 70 x 70 centimeters
  • 75 x 75 centimeters
  • 80 x 80 centimeters

2. The rectangular shower base

A good choice for narrow bathrooms is a rectangular shower base.

It offers more space at the sides, but does not protrude into the room.

Compared to square shower bases, the smallest rectangles are slightly larger, starting at 75 x 70 centimeters (length x width)

Other common dimensions are:

  • 80 x 75 centimeters (length x width)
  • 90 x 75 centimeters (length x width)
  • 90 x 80 centimeters (length x width)

3. The pentagonal shower base

The quadrangle, which lacks a corner, is ideal for a modern corner shower in the small bathroom .

Because the pentagonal shower saves space where you do not need it so much – and at the same time can be combined well with quadrangular shower cubicles.

The base of the pentagonal shower is usually square.

Shower bases in pentagon shape are available in the following sizes:

  • 90 x 90 centimeters
  • 100 x 100 centimeters

4 The quadrant shower base

Due to their roundness, quadrant shower bases offer slightly more floor space than the pentagonal version.

Your disadvantage: You need a shower cabin with rounded sliding doors; this is usually more expensive than a square shower cubicle.

As with the pentagonal shower base, the base area is generally square as well, the most popular sizes can be found here:

  • 80 x 80 centimeters
  • 90 x 90 centimeters
  • 100 x 100 centimeters

5. No shower base

A good option for both small and large bathrooms is a modern walk-in shower with a tiled floor.

The advantages: The shower can be cleaned faster and the bathroom is generous.

The disadvantage: This variant can’t be set up everywhere, since drainpipes can be in the way. Here you should consult a specialist company, who checks the soil structure.

What are the best shower bases?

  1. Schluter KERDI-SHOWER-ST – 32″
  2. KOHLER 1938-0 Ballast Shower Base
  3. DreamLine SlimLine 32 in
  4. Schluter Kerdi Wall Line Drain Shower Tray
  5. American Standard 3636.NEO.020   Shower Base


Are acrylic and fiberglass shower bases durable?

Like acrylic, fiberglass shower pans are quite durable and long lasting. They are also commonly used for fitting showers into inconvenient locations and shapes, and shower additions.