How to Break up Bronchitis with Onion

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No matter who gets bronchitis in the family (and we hope it just doesn’t happen), there are many natural remedies out there that are safe and effective.  The smell of this remedy may make everyone hungry, but it’s sure to help break up the lung congestion from the bronchitis.

It’s simple really:  Fry up some onions and let them cool until they’re not too hot to handle.  Rub the bronchitis sufferer’s chest with olive oil, the lay the onions on the chest.  Cover the onions with a thick cloth, preferably an old cotton towel or a piece of flannel.  Use a hot water bottle to lay over the towel; please be extra careful with the heat, especially in young children.  Of course, this one requires your constant supervision with the young ones, but onions are a very effective treatment for lung congestion.

You’ve just made a poultice.  Congratulations!  When you’re done, your patient will smell a bit like dinner, but everyone will be breathing easier knowing they’re on the mend from their bout with bronchitis.

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