How to Break up Bronchitis with Onion

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No matter who gets bronchitis in the family (and we hope it just doesn’t happen), there are many natural remedies out there that are safe and effective.  The smell of this remedy may make everyone hungry, but it’s sure to help break up the lung congestion from the bronchitis.

It’s simple really:  Fry up some onions and let them cool until they’re not too hot to handle.  Rub the bronchitis sufferer’s chest with olive oil, the lay the onions on the chest.  Cover the onions with a thick cloth, preferably an old cotton towel or a piece of flannel.  Use a hot water bottle to lay over the towel; please be extra careful with the heat, especially in young children.  Of course, this one requires your constant supervision with the young ones, but onions are a very effective treatment for lung congestion.

You’ve just made a poultice.  Congratulations!  When you’re done, your patient will smell a bit like dinner, but everyone will be breathing easier knowing they’re on the mend from their bout with bronchitis.

10 thoughts on “How to Break up Bronchitis with Onion

  1. How coincidental! My husband, baby and I were battling colds this weekend and I remembered that onions were good for congestion. I didn’t make a poultice, but we just ate some raw onions on some salad and I added lots of cooked onions to the vegetable soup I made. I like to think it helped the congestion. I think about how much onions make your eyes water and imagine those “fumes” may help our colds too. I’ll have to try the poultice next time.

  2. Oh my goodness, you are kidding me! I haven’t had it lately but used to get it religiously each year. Each time, I would be bedridden and refuse to go to the doctor for fear of “pills” and each time I eventually ended up in the emergency room.
    Where were you when I needed you Diane???
    Thank you so much for another great tip!

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  3. Once, when I had bronchitis I sliced a large raw onion across into thick slices – so you can see all the ‘rings’ and put it against my chest area and held it in place with a tight cotton vest and put some slices against the soles of my feet held in place by socks and went to bed. In the morning my chest was clear.
    It does cause the room and bedding etc to smell badly – so be prepared.

  4. I am 70 years old and when I was a child the Onion Poultice was used on me and my syblings by my mother and grandmother and it was always successful.

    I also continue to eat cooked onions even now when I am congested. It works and it is much more cost effective.

    Illinois Country

  5. Oh, this is great! It is my first time to read about the medicinal effects of onions. I will definitely try them out with my family. For sure, I will bookmark this. Thanks for this brilliant post!

  6. When I was young my mother would sautee onions, put them in an old sock and pin to my slip. This was all she did. I had many respiratory problems when I was young, and still do. But the onions always worked. I was never to a doctor until I was 19. I’m sitting here right now with bronchitis again. After two doctors visits, a steroid, anti-biotic, and inhaler, I think I’m going to try this forgotten remedy of my moms. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this until now. whish me luck!

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