How to Cool Off Naturally

When summer gets hot and steamy, you could crank up the air conditioning and stay indoors.  But that’s no fun! Instead, you may want to try to learn how to cool yourself off naturally with a few easy – and pleasant tasting – ideas.

Mushrooms for dinner, anyone?  Add fresh mushrooms to your summer salads, or perhaps enjoy it in your stirfry and other dishes.  Edible mushrooms (any variety) tend to cool off the body, so it’s a tasty and healthy way to beat the heat.

Don’t enjoy the fungi?  No problem.  Another great way to cool down is to enjoy some citrus fruits.  Fresh oranges, grapefruit, tangerines etc. can quickly turn down the heat.  Take some peeled oranges with you to the beach or on the trail.  Or keep some fresh organic lemons on hand to squeeze into your tap water or mineral water.  You’ll be hydrating yourself while keeping cool and comfortable.  See?  Your grandma knew what she was doing when she served you that fresh squeezed lemonade instead of the yucky powdered stuff.

Lemon balm is perhaps the most lovely way to cool off naturally.  It’s unbelievably easy to grow in your garden, and whenever you need a little cool-down, snip off a few bits and toss them in your water glass.  Or prepare a sun tea by crushing a few handfuls in a large sun tea jar, cover with water, put on a lid, and allow to steep in the sun for several hours.  Refrigerate and enjoy over the next couple of days – if it lasts that long!  Everyone will be filling their canteens with this one.  Oh, and if you need to relax after a “stressful” day of outdoor fun?  The lemon balm will help you kick back and enjoy long summer days despite the heat.

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