How to Dry Apples & Make Your Own Apple Tea

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PhotobucketFresh apples are starting to appear at the supermarkets and in roadside stands as fall begins to peek its head around the corner.  This is the time to get some really great apples, much better than any other time of year.  If you’re fortunate enough to snag some good organic ones, do it while they’re in season, and you can make yourself some amazing apple tea that’s not only tasty but great for the kidneys as well.  Apples are also said to be a good cancer fighter, in particular for the prostate, colon, and liver.  So by enjoying it as a tea, you’re adding another layer to cancer prevention.  Oh, and it tastes great on a chilly autumn day too!

To prepare the apples for tea, simply wash, core, and slice the apples (keep the peels on) and put them on a greased cookie sheet.  (I use a wee bit of olive oil, but then I use olive oil for everything.  If you want to avoid that olive flavor, you can try something like sunflower.)  Place the apples in the oven on low heat with the oven door cracked and turn them occasionally.  When they are completely dried, shut the oven door for a little while until the apples are slightly browned.  Remove the tray, cool the apples, and store them in a dry, sealed glass jar until you’re ready to use them for tea.  

To make the tea, Boil a teapot of water, turn off the heat, and put several dried apple slices in the pot.  Steep for 10 minutes.  Drink your tea sweetened with honey if you wish, or stir it with a cinnamon stick. Mmmm!  I can almost smell the apple tea now.  

Warning:  The scent of drying apples in your house may draw neighbors and small children.

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  2. I’ve had many apple teas at various turkish kebab cafes all were so memorable i’ve decided to recreate my experiences at home. thanks for the great post and i look forward to trying this recipe at home and hopefully will be able to get family and friends into it, not only for its taste and smell but its health benefits.

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