How to Get Rid of Earwigs Naturally

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PhotobucketWe’ve talked about how to get rid of Japanese beetles a lot lately, but dkMommy Spot reader Leane says her problem is the earwig.  She emailed me to ask how to get rid of earwigs naturally, since her new house seems to have lots of them, both inside and out.  Well, Leane, I don’t like earwigs either.  So I did a little research, and I’ve got some helpful information for you.  (I’m not thrilled about the earwig picture here, so just put a Post-It note over it while you read.  I figured someone may not know how icky these guys look, so there’s the picture just in case.)

First of all, earwigs aren’t going to build a nest in your house.  They just like to wander in and make you scream when you pull back the shower curtain.  So if you make sure there are no little holes or openings in or around screen doors and windows, that’s the best step to deterring them from paying you a visit.  

Earwigs like damp, dark places, especially outdoors.  Keep the area around the perimeter of your house free of leaf piles, log piles, etc. If the problem is pretty severe, you can invest in putting pebbles around the border of your house, but I’d say you’d have to be darned anti-earwig for that sort of treatment.  Adding bird feeders and birdbaths will bring in birds that like earwigs for dessert.  (A great way to cut down on mosquitoes too!)  And if those ugly bugs are eating your marigolds, roses, and other plants, take an empty tin can (short, like for tuna fish) and put about 1/4 inch vegetable oil in there.  Some people suggest a dab of bacon grease too, but since this is a health blog, I would probably lose my reputation by suggesting it.  (No, soy products don’t cut it for earwigs.)

Lastly, know that even if they do get in your house, earwigs will NOT climb into your ear and look for lunch while you sleep.  An old wives tale that gave me the creeps as a child and is fortunately just not true.  There you have it; a few natural remedies on how to get rid of earwigs without resulting to pesticides and other nasties, which incidentally, the earwig must walk through first before it works.  And since earwigs are not known for wiping their feet first before entering a house, they’d be tracking chemicals in on your carpet.  No one likes a carpet full of earwig repellant.  Opt for the natural.

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