How to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles Naturally

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We have some beautiful flowering trees and a few rose bushes in our yard.  I may be in love with herbs, but I’m here to tell you I am not the best of gardeners when it comes to flowers.  I guess I don’t have the patience to care for them daily as I should.  So when I see Japanese beetles attacking the trees and roses that do so well without my meddling, I get pretty mad.  This year we had to cut down one of my beautiful trees because the Japanese beetles feasted on it so much that there was finally nothing left to come into leaf in the spring.  I just came across a natural remedy for ridding my yard of those darned Japanese beetles, and they’d better watch out.  Because when I’m done, I’m gonna have a salad.  (Beetles not included.)

If you plant garlic around your garden area, Japanese beetles apparently have as little tolerance to this as Dracula himself.  I’ve planted garlic before, and it’s darned easy.  Just go get some garlic bulbs at the store (organic if you please) and break open the bulb.  Plant the cloves singly.  What’s great about this are the greens that shoot up.  When you have a nice plant, sort of like a green onion, pull it up for eating.  You can chop up the greens for salads and soups, and you can still eat the clove.  Leave the garlic in the ground even longer if you want a whole new garlic bulb.  

Can you say health benefits?  Garlic lowers cholesterol, repels mosquitos (and people if you eat too much), and lowers blood pressure.  It’s a fantastic remedy for colds and flu, and if you need to break a fever, eat a clove or two.  I’ll definitely be planting these around the base of my trees and rose bushes so I can rid my yard of those pesky Japanese beetles.  Hey, another way garlic lowers blood pressure!

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