How to Get Rid of Spiders in the Home Naturally

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I have had several questions lately regarding natural pest control.  One reader, Beth, has a home that’s over 100 years old and as old homes often do, it attracts a nice array of creepy-crawlies. She has a pest control service come by regularly but it makes her nervous.  I sure understand that! We can’t allow our homes to be taken over by home destroying critters, so I’ve been doing some more research on this topic. We’ve already talked about Japanese beetles, carpenter ants, earwigs and others. Today we’re going to tackle spiders.

Ick.  Who wants to tackle spiders???  While these are far from being my favorite bug (if I even really have one), we don’t just want to get rid of them because they are notoriously unattractive; some states have poisonous versions.  So what can you do?  The first solution is rather funny but I’m told it works.  Lady bugs are voracious bug eaters – they can gobble up to 50 a day, among them spiders.  If you have a real bug problem, invite some of these darlings in for a bite.  They may just eat you out of house and home.  Or at least bug.

Although I haven’t used this myself, I hear Riddex makes a plug-in pest repeller unit (called an L1112) that works without chemicals; it apparently makes a high pitched noise above what any of us or our pets can hear, driving away things like spiders, roaches, mice, etc.  Checking around online, an overwhelming number of people rate this unit highly, many of them claiming they’ve used them successfully for years. 

Spiders love things like cardboard boxes, piles of clothing, and left-out food.  Hey, sounds like a recipe for getting your teenagers to clean their rooms!  (If you don’t pick up those clothes, Mary, spiders will crawl in and take up residence!)  In addition to taking care of clutter, vacuuming helps keep spiders out as well.  Make sure to vacuum in the corners and up by the ceiling where spiders make webs and lay eggs.  If you find a spider, take it out to your garden – having them outdoors is a benefit!  After all, they do enjoy mosquitos.  

These are just a few ideas on how to get rid of spiders you find in your home, and how to do it naturally.  If you have any suggestions or ways you’ve found work for you, please leave a comment and let us know.  And make sure to check back here… I’ll be on the lookout for more natural pest control ideas!

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  2. I just leave a few in place (if they are being unobtrusive). They wouldn’t be there if they weren’t eating something! i just vacuum up under their webs :) I call it natural fly control.

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