How to Make Homemade Skin Cleansing Oil

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There’s no need for your skin to suffer economic woes too! Here is a simple, inexpensive recipe for making your own skin cleansing oil.  Vitamin E is a natural preservative, so this blend can last about 3 months before you need to replace it – if there’s any left, that is! Keeping the oil mixture in a tightly closed pump also helps lengthen the shelf life.

Here’s what you’ll need:

About 2 ounces organic extra virgin olive oil

1 liquid gel cap of Vitamin E (natural – not manmade)

1 drop chamomile essential oil (or rose oil)

Pour the ingredients into the pump bottle, cap tightly, and shake.  That’s it!  When you’re ready to cleanse your skin, just squirt a little into the palm of your hand and rub onto slightly damp skin.  Rinse well and pat your skin dry.  This homemade skin cleansing oil is especially effective for women with dry skin. Now, who said you can’t look fabulous without spending a lot of money?

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