How to Make Your Own Japanese Beetle Trap

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PhotobucketI’ve about had it with those pesky buggers.  They may glimmer in the sun like a well-polished stone, but these garden pests are chomping up the jewels of my garden.  Time to get serious here.  I told you about how to get rid of Japanese beetles using garlic in a previous article, but aside from hanging garlic bunches in my trees (which I’m not too proud to do, mind you), I did come across what looks to be a very popular solution.

Making your own Japanese beetle trap really isn’t that difficult.  Although some people argue you’ll just lure more beetles to your trees, I’ve used conventional traps in the past with great success.  But darned if the traps don’t stink.  Being that I am not a beetle myself, I am quite repelled by the smell.  I’d rather smell fresh cut grass while sitting in my yard.  

Here’s what you do:  Get a one-gallon plastic milk jug and cut the top off.  Not too big of an opening.  Leave the handle on too.  Now mix 1 cup of water with 1/4 cup of sugar and a packet of yeast.  (I’ve also read just a teaspoon will do.)  Mash a banana and stir that around in there too.  Hang this adorable contraption from the infested tree about 3 feet off the ground.  Decorate to suit your taste. Or hang it on the side where the neighbors won’t see.  Or just hang it.  It looks better to have a milk jug in your tree than no tree at all, as is the case in my back yard.  Dead tree.  Once the beauty of our yard.  Feasted on by Japanese beetles.

I somehow feel better, having relieved myself of my true feelings for the bug, and having shared with you all how to make your own Japanese beetle trap.  The only thing I really won’t enjoy is scooping out dead bug bodies with an old slotted spoon, but hey, long live my trees! 

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Japanese Beetle Trap

  1. Does this work well? Any alternative to a banana? I am out of bananas.

    I am thinking this may be better then the pheromone attractants. It should only attract those beetles nearby ( munching on your trees. ) I think the pheromones attract a much greater distance and brings tons of beetles to your yard.

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