How to Naturally Treat and Avoid Bladder Infections

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There are a myriad of remedies for bladder infections, and I can’t go into all of them in a short post, but I would like to discuss a few simple ones here, including one that may just help prevent them altogether.  But remember, if you try a natural remedy or two and it seems to be getting worse, you should see a doctor.  Blood in the urine, high fevers, and pain while urinating are signs that the infection is pretty well underway and you should check with your doctor at that point.

But when things just aren’t going right and you’re recognizing the symptoms of a bladder infection, what should you do?  Cranberry juice is probably the most common natural remedy discussed.  I like cranberry juice.  I think it’s a great remedy for bladder infections, but if you’re pulling the first juice you find off the grocery store shelf, you may just be feeding that infection instead!  Many, if not all, commercial cranberry juices contain added sugars and/or high fructose corn syrup.  Infections love a good dose of sugar.  So do yourself a favor and get some pure juice from a health food store.  Or better yet, purchase a bag or two of fresh cranberries when you can.  Boil them according to package instructions and avoid the sugar.  I know, I know.  Sour, isn’t it?  But it works and it’s naturally good.

Another great and natural solution is acidophilus.  Acidophilus works for all kinds of infections, including sinus, yeast, bronchial, ear… you name it.  The trick here is to make sure you’re getting a good quality acidophilus, and I’d recommend one that needs refrigeration.  Also make sure to check the expiration date.  Acidophilus is a live culture, so you don’t want to pay for expired product.  Take the pills according to the package instructions, and just like an antibiotic, try very hard not to miss a dose.  

For prevention, women may find their soap choice will make a drastic difference.  I know a woman who got bladder infections one after the other.  In desperation she used a lot of soap to cleanse where she thought bacteria was getting in!  Turns out, all that harsh soap was causing the infections to return again and again.  After she switched to a natural vegetable glycerin soap, she never had another one!  There are lots of glycerin soaps out there, and many of them get fancy and scented.  Try to get the most pure vegetable glycerin soap you can, without additives.  We use glycerin soap (liquid form) for many washing uses, including my son’s hair!  It’s great on baby hair, and there are no nasty chemicals.  A word of warning:  I once bought plain vegetable glycerin thinking I was getting such a great deal.  If it doesn’t mention the word “soap” it may not actually suds up, so make sure you get the right thing.

Since there are so many great natural remedies for bladder infections out there, including a host of effective herbs, I’ll certainly be sharing more in the future.  These are just a few of the simpler remedies; simple, but effective and of course chemical free!  If you like these remedies and want to hear more, please be sure to subscribe to dkMommy Spot if you haven’t already!  You’ll get remedies, herbal info, and of course all the fun opportunities to win natural and eco-friendly products.

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