How to Relieve a Toothache Naturally

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Few body pains are as horrible as the toothache.  We’ve all had them – you can’t sleep, you can’t eat; you pretty much just sit there, let it throb, and hope the dentist wants to come in on a Sunday afternoon to take an emergency peek.  (How come the pain only occurs on weekends and holidays, anyway?) If you find yourself feeling like our dinosaur friend here, I have a few natural remedies for the toothache that you might try.  They’re simple and effective.

Garlic – We’re supposing if you have a nasty toothache you probably won’t be going far from home anyway, so you might as well give garlic a shot!  Peel a garlic clove, give it a nice little squish with your teeth, and place it right on the sore tooth or in the cavity.  Also said to repel vampires.  And your spouse.

Clove Oil – This one is actually good for teething babies as well.  I like to keep a bottle of clove oil around the house at all times.  Simply dip a Q-tip in the bottle, then rub on gums or around affected tooth.  Try not to use too much with children.  It won’t burn but it is strong.  I recommend trying it on yourself first to get an idea of how much you think they’d be able to handle.

Salt Water – Many people swear by this remedy.  Simply add sea salt to warm water to make a very salty solution.  Rinse your mouth repeatedly by holding the water in your mouth and sloshing it around for as long as you can.  This also helps irritated gums and abscessed teeth.

Ginger – Just as with the garlic but let’s just say no vampire protection.  Cut and peel a small chunk of fresh ginger and chew it if you can.  Strong but effective.  (Also great for upset stomachs, morning sickness, and coughing spells.)

These are just a few simple tips to help relieve that toothache naturally.  Keep them in mind, keep them on hand, and tell that dentist you’ll see him Monday instead.

8 thoughts on “How to Relieve a Toothache Naturally

  1. Thanks for these! There’s something about tooth pain that just blocks out everything else in the universe. I’m hoping I won’t need them any time soon.

    I wish the smell of cloves didn’t drive me nuts…I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s just a smell I don’t enjoy. So, of course it’s my husband’s favorite! lol

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  2. It’s 12:14 AM and I have literally goe through everything in the house cause Pain killers have just done nothing> I am so sleepu but caan’t cause of this ridiculous pain that is even hitting me inside my ear at the core.

    Salt water just did nothing to me but I just managed to find some crushed garlic & ginger mix in my fridge, let me quickly try it

  3. Just a note to say that you don’t have to bite the ginger for it to work. Peel some ginger; then cut a thin slice; place it between the painful tooth and your cheek and keep it there. It works wonders! When I had tried all else (garlic, clove oil, salt water, colloidal silver, charcoal compress in cheesecloth,cayenne, probably more, can’t remember right now) this was the only thing that worked! Just kept a slice of ginger and pain was gone. As soon as I removed it, pain returned.

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