How to Relieve Backpain and Headaches Naturally

It’s been a long day. Your toddler is letting the dog lick his snack and your 12-year-old has finally decided to practice her clarinet–for how long? All day long you dragged around heavy laundry baskets, scrubbed green smoothie off the kitchen floors, and swung your little one around like a helicopter. Your back hurts and so does your head. HELP!!! Here are your natural remedies to soothing the aching back and head.

You’ll need dried yarrow, boneset, and skullcap. (Aren’t those appropriate names?) I suggest ordering some good organic stuff online or getting some from your local health food store, then keeping it around so it’s there when you need it. Mix 1 tsp. of each herb together and place it in 2 cups of water to simmer for 3o minutes. No heavy boiling. Keep it covered too, so it doesn’t evaporate too much. Strain out the herb and add just 1 tsp. of this mixture to 1 cup of hot water. You may want to sweeten it with honey. Save the rest of the concoction in the fridge for later use.

This tea is a great muscle relaxer that also cleanses the blood. It’ll calm those frazzled mommy nerves in no time and give you natural relief for headaches and backaches because heaven knows you’ll need your head and back again tomorrow!

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