How to Relieve Teething Pain Naturally

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I’m on a little hiatus…but dkMommy Spot goes on!  This is a popular post from way back.

PhotobucketMy 5-month-old has entered that stage when drooling and chomping on everything is his main pasttime. Teething has begun. So when he really started fussing and I could tell he was getting uncomfortable, I packed him up and set off to my local supermarket to see what I could find to help him relieve his teething pain naturally.

Whether you’ve been through the teething stage with your baby or just asked around, you know there are all kinds of possible solutions. Many parents swear by Baby Orajel, a topical pain reliever rubbed on the gums. Others like giving their baby a cold washcloth to knaw on. And although not everyone agrees with this solution, still others like to apply a little Jack Daniels to the swollen gums.

I knew I wanted the most natural solution. I read the Orajel box, which besides not being a natural remedy, stated you could only use it for seven days. I figured my son would be teething for more than seven days! Besides, I wasn’t certain how long the pain relief could last. It might help him in getting to sleep, but I couldn’t imagine it’d be enough to get through the night.There were a few other comparable products, but nothing that impressed me. It was then I found a little bottle of homeopathic teething tablets – something I hadn’t thought of.

I had never used homeopathic remedies. Surprising for someone who likes the natural route, I know, but I was always skeptical. They’re so small. How could they possibly work? Well, the box said 100% natural, and the company, Hyland’s, has been in business for 100 years. Also, I figure with a baby, there’s no power of suggestion there. If they feel better, something worked. No telling them it was all in their mind!

I took the tablets home. The next time he started fussing and drooling, I put two under his tongue and kept my finger in there to make sure they stayed in place. They melted almost immediately. Within 20 minutes he stopped crying and fell asleep.The instructions do mention that if your baby falls asleep, it’s most likely due to the pain ceasing. It’s not a baby sleep aid, in other words. I’ve noticed if my son has really been crying or fussy due to teething, after taking these, he’s able to get to sleep rather quickly.

If you’d like to know more about these tablets, they do have a website at I was at the health food store this weekend, and I found they make several other homeopathic products as well. I’m definitely keeping a bottle of these around for the duration of the teething process!

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One thought on “How to Relieve Teething Pain Naturally

  1. I have never given my child Anbesol or Orajel due to the fact that I had a toothache once and desperately all I could find was baby orajel and that is the nastiest stuff ever, no wonder kids hate it!

    I also discovered these teething tablets by Hylands, they are a lifesaver for my son, ever since he had started teething I’ve used these, they work and they also help him to sleep from the teething pain!

    Kristinia-Loving Heart Mommys last blog post..Nola Meadows Studio is finally OPEN!

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