How to Soothe Children’s Indigestion Naturally

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When a child has a gassy tummy, this simple tea should settle things down.  Keeping fennel seed in your kitchen not only adds an important component to this delicious tea, it also assures you have a child-friendly remedy for all sorts of tummy troubles.

For an indigestion tea, gently simmer 1 Tbs. fennel seed and 1 Tbs. dried sweet orange peel in 2 cups water for about 20 minutes.  Sweeten 1/2 cup of the tea with honey and serve it as warm as your child can comfortably drink it.  Continue giving them 1/2 cup of the tea every two hours until they feel better.  You may refrigerate the remainder for up to two days.

Such a simple remedy for soothing your child’s indigestion! Those are my favorite, naturally.  You can purchase fennel seed at any grocery store, but I find purchasing herbs and seeds in bulk from either online stores or your local health food store is usually cheaper.  If you can get organic sweet orange peel, all the better!  This can also be obtained online or at many health food stores.

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