How to Soothe Colic Naturally

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I can’t think of a more frustrating experience for new parents than to find their newborn baby is suffering from colic. No one wants to watch their newborn struggle with his or her first days.  But thankfully there are colic remedies that help you easy baby’s discomfort naturally.  Take, for instance, this simple tea.

Catnip is a member of the mint family and should not be mistaken as fit only for our feline companions.  Its soothing properties are good for human and animal alike, and generations of herbalists have recommended catnip for colicky babies.  To increase the effectiveness of catnip tea, try mixing in some fennel seed purchased from your health food store.  

Simply bring one cup of water to a boil and steep one teaspoon dried catnip and one teaspoon fennel seed for about 15 – 20 minutes.  Allow the tea to cool and give the tea to the baby with a bottle.  Many parents have reported good success with this tea.  

Of course make sure this doesn’t replace a meal for your baby, but is instead a supplemental bottle.  Also make sure to try giving your baby a very small amount of this tea first to see the reaction.  These are both safe herbs, but like with everything under the sun, someone somewhere is allergic.  I always ask you exercise caution on this one.  If you’re a nursing mama, you can drink the tea yourself and pass it through the breastmilk if you prefer.  But if you’re pregnant, avoid taking this tea for yourself.  

If you want more ideas on how to soothe colic naturally, you can check out this older colic article I wrote that contains more possible herbal teas.

10 thoughts on “How to Soothe Colic Naturally

  1. My daughter had SEVERE colic, and I was shocked b/c I was breastfeeding. I used gripe water and it’s only temporary.
    I also used Hyland’s colic tablets, those worked the best. They were only temporary too, but seemed to work longer and I could give her them easily. The only thing that did help was completely cutting dairy from my diet. Even crackers that contained whey were out of the question. In two weeks after removing dairy, she was a much better baby. I would have LOVED to try this soothing tea too!
    Oh, and she is now 3 y/o and cannot tolerate any dairy. I repeatedly tell her pediatrician, Cow’s milk is for a calves four stomaches right?

  2. Yes, Hyland’s is great! I swear by those teething tablets. I’m glad you were able to help your daughter by eliminating dairy. Sometimes that is the cause. My son is 2 1/2 and has never had cow’s milk. We do soy. When he does get ahold of yogurt, which he loves, we have some serious diaper issues to deal with later!

    By the way, catnip tea is still great for kids especially if they’ve had some stressful event. It’s very calming. I’ve not had it myself other than in tincture form. (We use Children’s Herbal Formula from Herb Pharm. Great stuff!)

  3. I love those teething tablets, they really do work! My daughter drinks rice milk. Everytime she has dairy (Grandpa likes to hand-out ice cream bars) she gets a yeast infection. Sometimes the yeast infection would show up days later, but now it happens within a day. I am going to try the catnip tea for my 13 1/2 y/o, he is anxious about starting High School. Going to Whole Foods this weekend, maybe they sell it in bulk? Oh, have you tried the soy yogurt & soy pudding? My kids really like it.

  4. Hi Alicia,

    Haven’t tried the soy yogurt and pudding yet. I’ll have to give it a go! Thanks. If your daughter has problems with the yeast infections, have you tried acidophilus? I use that for sinus infections and it works wonders. I’ve used a brand that sells what’s caled “Critical Care” I believe. Can’t remember the name but it’s refrigerated and has a blue box with a sun on it. It’s the most powerful, amazing stuff. I’ve avoided antibiotics over and over with that – will knock a yeast infection right out.

    Hope your son gets over the nerves about high school! Man, do I remember those days. I was a nervous wreck. Wish someone had given me a shot of catnip! 😉

  5. Hi Diane,
    Yes, my kids are on acidophilus. I use udo’s choice, and do quadruple the dose when she is yeasty. I’ll look into the critical care brand.
    I know, I wish I had catnip for my high school years too! Thanks!

  6. I will share this with my friends . My children are grown and my granddaughter is 9 years old.

    I have friends who have young grandchildren. I remember my children with colic keeping me up.

    I have used natural products for years it has helped my family. I am in my 60’s and I still use herbs to stay healthy.

    Cat nip I will pass this own.


    Constance Colliers last blog post..Aromatherapy Spray

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