How to Treat Poison Ivy Naturally

It’s officially summer! Alright, maybe not by the calendar. But Memorial Day is past, and that means the season of grilling, swimming, and–uh–poison ivy is upon us. If you happen to have poison ivy upon you or if someone in your family spent a bit too much time playing in the local patch, there is a way to treat the itch of poison ivy naturally with herbs.

Mix together about 2 Tbs. wild geranium, powdered valerian root, and cinquefoil (all dried) and place it in about 4 cups water. Bring to a very gentle boil, simmering until the liquid reduces by half. Strain out the herbs, cool the liquid, and use as a compress to soothe the itch of poison ivy. You can store the remainder in the fridge for later use.

If you’re unable to get these herbs locally, there are many great herb suppliers online that have large selections. It’s best, of course, to have these already around the house just in case you’re hit with the itch!

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  1. Hi Julie, I sure do! There are a few different things you can use – lavender essential oil, rosemary oil, or Badger Balm Bug Balm. No chemicals in any of those solutions! One of my favorite herb books (The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook by Green) actually recommends the lavender oil straight, but I’ve always thought that might be harsh on younger skin, so you could try mixing it with a little water in a spray bottle. I did a post awhile back on mosquito repellents. Here’s the link to that:

    There are a few other ideas on that link. If I didn’t get the link set up right as I often fail to do, type “mosquito” into my search box at the top.

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