How to Treat Sprains Naturally

children at playI usually test out my remedies to see how they work before recommending them.  This time, I’ll pass.  I may be a slave to research, but I draw the line at spraining my own ankle for accuracy in blog posting.  All the same, here is a great way to treat sprains naturally, or so I am told. 

Make a paste by mixing together the white of one egg and salt.  Apply that to the sprain.  This is probably the easiest remedy as far as ingredients go.  Another remedy is to apply dampened comfrey leaves to the area.  Or if you have fresh horseradish root around, you can grate about 2 Tbs. and mix it with 1 cup vegetable oil.  Simmer it for 10 minutes and strain.  This one will last awhile too.  It’s also great for sore joints.

If you’re in a desert area, you may have access to sage.  Grab a couple handfuls of leaves, squeeze them a little, then boil in a cup of vinegar for five minutes.  Use this mixture while it’s still hot by dipping in a cloth, squeezing out the excess, and applying it to the sprain.  

Sprains are no fun, but like everything else in life, if you’re prepared ahead of time things go much smoothly.  I like to keep ideas like this fresh in my mind so when an owie occurs around the house, I don’t go into Mommy-Panic mode!  Well, I still worry a little. But at least I feel confident in treating what ails us, even sprains, naturally.

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