Intelligent Nutrients Aromatics – Natural Perfume Set Giveaway

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Win This $100 Set from Intelligent Nutrients!
Win This $100 Set from Intelligent Nutrients!

When your goal is to be a “natural beauty” and avoid the chemicals most commonly included in the average beauty product, it’s always exciting to discover a chemical-free alternative you can fall in love with! Intelligent Nutrients, created by the founder of Aveda, is a new line of all-natural health and beauty products.  I’ve been putting their Multi-Functional Aromatics to the test, and they’ve passed with flying colors.The Intelligent Nutrients Aromatics line covers a wide range of scents.  I’ve been trying FOCUS, SEDUCTIVE, and INNERCALM; like all the Aromatics, all three are made of pure and natural ingredients.  None of them contain anything I prefer to avoid in perfumes, and none of them smell the least bit synthetic.  

Since making the move to natural fragrances, I’ve noticed something: synthetic fragrances make me gag.  My nose has become accustomed to nature’s scents: flowers, oils, spices, and woody resins.  No laboratory experiments for me, thank you!  Intelligent Nutrients offers a full pallet of fragrances for a choosy consumer.  Rich and luxurious, wide ranging in choices, these scents are not overpowering like something out of a test tube.  I like that I’m not fumigating a room when I walk in, and I also like that I can enjoy the fragrance without tiring of it myself! Another bonus:  Whenever I use a perfume in the morning and still smell it on me the next, I get leery of what’s in that bottle.  But with these, I can enjoy one scent in the morning and another in the evening.  My experience is that, while one squirt of the fragrance does last for hours, it doesn’t hang on into the night.  That’s because they’re natural, baby!  Not engineered.  

Most of all, these are fun to wear.  They smell luxurious and rich without being heavy, and when you wear them you won’t smell like everyone else lined up at the perfume counter in the mall.  They’re unique.  And they fit the mood you’re in – or the mood you want to be in.  

Want to win your own set of Intelligent Nutrients Aromatics?  I’ve got two to give away!  The winner will receive one bottle of SEDUCTIVE Make Love and one bottle of INNERCALM Wind Down a $100 set!  SEDUCTIVE is spicy and smouldering, FOCUS a fresh and clean scent.  I like to use these as nighttime and daytime fragrances.  Ready to enter?  

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Feel free to do all four to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Monday, August 31, 2009, to enter.

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