“Invasion of the Giant Pythons” Nature Series – THIRTEEN Thursdays


Check out Nature's "Invasion of the Giant Pythons" this Sunday, 8 pm ET on PBS

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be exploring the PBS show “Nature” through our THIRTEEN Thursdays series.  “Nature,” a production of THIRTEEN in association with WNET.ORG, is a magnificent series that can be seen either on PBS or online at www.pbs.org/nature.  This Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 8 p.m. ET, is the premiere of “Invasion of the Giant Pythons”.   I had the privilege of previewing this documentary, which tells the story of the Burmese python and how it’s begun to flourish within the  Florida Everglades National Park.

The Burmese python, foreign to U.S. soil, began to populate the Everglades after numerous pet owners released their overgrown and unwanted pet snakes into the wild.  Also contributing to the problem were unintentionally released pythons who escaped captivity after hurricanes destroyed Florida animal warehouses where pythons were being raised.  The Burmese pythons quickly discovered the wild wetlands of Florida so closely resembled their own native homelands that they effectively set up house and are now thought to number in the tens of thousands!

“Invasion of the Giant Python’s” stunning footage and valuable information will entertain and educate, no doubt.  And if snakes and the rest of the reptilian world give you the creepy-crawlies, there’s some of that as well.  But one thing’s for certain – the jaw-dropping visuals, paired with facts and stats new to most viewers, make this documentary a must-see.  Viewers will see first-hand what happens when humans carelessly tip the scales of Mother Nature.

If after seeing Sunday’s episode, you want to view more of “Nature,” visit PBS.org/nature or THIRTEEN.org where you’ll be able to watch over 30 episodes for free, all without commercials.  You can also purchase the Nature DVD’s if you’d like to begin your own collection.  “Nature” puts the true meaning of “reality” back into television!

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