Is Formaldehyde in My Home Too?

chemicals.jpgThe following article is contributed by my husband:

So what’s up with these “High Levels of Formaldehyde in FEMA Trailers” in the news lately, and why would I care as a parent, or simply as an individual?

Well, we’re not talking about high levels of “happiness”, we’re talking about high levels of toxicity in supposedly safe shelters, in homes after all.

Oh, great! Another thing to look after? My parent list seems endless. Yep, and here’s why:

This toxic, carcinogenic substance is present in a lot of consumer products – wallpapers, cardboard, fabric softeners, carpet cleaners, glues, nail polish, nail hardener – in furniture, cabinets and construction particleboard, new cars (smell that?), oh and the list can go on for quite a while…

What can I do without going bonkers and living in a cave in the desert ?

It so happens that avoiding new furniture in your baby’s room, or new paint, or carpet cleaning, or even a ride in daddy’s brand new car, can reduce considerably the exposure to formaldehyde.

Oh, and plenty of clean air; just open those windows every morning and let some nice clean air in the house. Don’t fear the few extra dollars on the heating bill. I’d rather have that than listening to the fake compassion of a doctor while delivering a sad verdict and the price tag of treatment.

Most of all new “stuff” out-gases for quite a while, avoid it, air it, let it leek the toxic fumes – by the way formaldehyde has a sharp odor, so you know when it’s gone.

One thing I like to ask at the store: “Is it formaldehyde free?”. That usually brings up a shrug, but eventually will drive the point back to the manufacturers.

And yes they can do without formaldehyde, otherwise The European Union would not have scheduled to ban it on September 22nd of 2007.

More can be read on my wife’s earlier post reviewing the book Exposed, and this article:

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  1. ohhh boy. If my husband sees this, I’ll have NO excuse for not letting him guest blog at MamaNeed Java. LOL
    Great post, Diane’s man! (and great job with the blog!)

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