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One of the most common ways women are exposed to dangerous chemicals is through their health and beauty products! Things like parabens, pthalates, and a host of other unnatural substances are added to a multitude of the products many of us use on a daily basis.  It only makes sense, therefore, to start reading the ingredient labels on all the products we may be taking for granted, assuming they’re safe.  Turn over some of your makeup containers next time you’re getting ready in the morning.  What’s listed in the ingredients?  If you can even read the teeny, tiny print, you may notice you don’t know what the vast majority of the items are in there.  But take a look at a company like JASCO Organics, and you’ll find shorter, safe lists of natural ingredients.

I’ve been using JASCO Organics’ mineral makeup since I first reviewed them last August.  I’m still as impressed now as I was then.  I love the control I have over a mineral makeup, and I’ve found that JASCO’s line is easier on my skin than some others I’ve used in the past.  Some mineral makeups contain talc, bismuth oxychloride and carmine (derived from beetles), “which are often responsible for allergic reactions to mineral make-up” according to the people at JASCO.  I have found it to be the case that some mineral makeup does make me itch, but I have had no issues with the JASCO brand.

In honor of dkMommy Spot’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week, JASCO is giving away a set of their mineral makeup.  This set will include a foundation, a bronzer, and a blush, a $45 retail set! 

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Feel free to do all four to gather multiple entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Tuesday, April 28, 2009, to enter.

515 thoughts on “JASCO Mineral Makeup Giveaway

  1. I would love to try these products. I have pretty much stop using make up because of all the bad things in it. I really can’t afford organic make up so I have one powder to cover the acne I still get… So I guess it would be nice to have good affordable products that work for those days when you need a little shine:)I also love the fact that it’s non toxic and organic.So I guess if my daughter asked to wear a little make up I might just consider it…

  2. As a tennis player always playing and competing in the hot, humid sun my skin is always sweating away with each pitter patter of each ball striking. I’ve tried everything off the market to clear my skin and it made things worse for it becayse of all the harsh chemicals in the ingredients. Finally apon stumbling on the Jasco website I found a total complexion clearing skin toner and cleanser that finally made all my worries go away. Organic and natural is not only the way to go but so much healthier for the world and you know your feeling your best when you use natural things and have herbal ingredients in their line. I’ve never wear makeup because afraid of breakouts so hopefully I have the luck to win this giveaway and be the first to try this mineral makeup. God bless you all!

  3. I also subscribed to your site. But not just because of the mineral makeup giveaway but since this site has many beneficial information on reviews, coupons, and so much more!

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