Kee-Ka Organic Socks and a Great Discount

PhotobucketKee-Ka is a darling online store that specializes in organic clothing for babies and toddlers.  Their clothing line includes onesies, t-shirts, pants, and even socks.  And boy, are the socks adorable!  I’ve taken a good look at Kee-Ka’s organic socks, and they’re very well-constructed.  You know how baby socks get.  The run-of-the-mill sock is bunchy, misshapen, and prone to fall off a baby foot at the slight bounce or jiggle.  But these have a nicely constructed toe and heel, and the colors are wonderful.  The socks currently for sale at Kee-Ka are in lovely fall shades, and they even have coordinating hats.

If you’re looking for a baby gift, these socks are the perfect choice.  Baby socks are one of those things that a new mom simply doesn’t have time to shop around for, but once she’s got bad ones, she regrets it every time they fall off.  I know.  I can’t tell you how many baby socks took to early retirement because either I got frustrated and threw them out, or one got lost in a parking lot somewhere.  Even better, the socks are attractively boxed to make for a welcomed gift.

Kee-Ka is offering dkMommy Spot readers a 15% discount to their online store, so take a moment to visit and see what you think.  I’m certain you’ll love their selection; they even have organic bedding, something I find extremely important.  Enjoy your shopping trip!

Coupon Code:  DKWEB


7 thoughts on “Kee-Ka Organic Socks and a Great Discount

  1. I have been on the hunt for organic clothing for my kids for some time now. Why do companies only make organic clothing for babies and adults. What about kid’s sizes?

    Gruppie Girls last blog post..Upcycling

  2. Hanna Andersson has great organic clothes for older kids/toddlers. They are a bit expensive but if you watch for sales you can get some great deals! They have an on-line store too. I started buying Hanna clothes for my son, on sale only, and I love them! You can also find some great deals on E-Bay for Hanna clothes, even new ones.

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